Sunday, November 26, 2006

A1 GrandPrix

Last week,my father i think,got a free ticket for two to watch A1,well i'm not really surprise to hear that(maybe i'm not a 'F1 or A1 racing maniac).But then, my father decided to give the ticket to me n my lil bro~.Thinking that watching the race will be fun(i never go to any races except watching the 'rempit harrem races') I accept the ticket n there i go~.
Sepang Circuit View ho.ho..with a1 gp girlsLotus Elise Car(if only i can get this one for free)Malaysian Driver Alex Yoong CarHelicopter from nowhere

Race View

The race ended up with Alex Yoong 'succesfully' got a 7th place out of 22 i think~..not to bad then,I dont really hope that he will win that day,but if he wins,the newspaper tomorrow maybe have him written on the headlines.One win can make u famous for the whole life some say.