Saturday, March 31, 2007


Many things need to be completed this month, the sociology research, case studies, Miss Rossalynn late-late presentation, CSC presentation , BBM presentation and many more to come. I felt like a living corpse now doing all this work. There are two weeks more to go before study week and after that I will face the final exam. busy!~~~

ps: sometime I hope doraemon will come out from my desk and helps me with all these assignment..~

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Damn, last two weeks, I went out with one of my bestfriend to the MEKAR a.k.a minggu sosial, and like what bestfriend do, we laugh, we share out story and whatsoever, but then, nightmare comes, suddenly comes my classmate that I think i don't want to mention their name overhere dancing, laughing and making stories about us..I will truly remember their word "oo..ezul kantoi ..lalalala..."I just laughed after that realizing that I couldn't do nothing more.

Also last week, I watch Mukhsin and guess what, this movie really don't let me down. The storyline was good although my friend who don't agree with me by stating the story was too "mendatar wei..mendatar!"I simply give the story a huge compliment. I was so attracted by the Orked family that is so loving and also romantic, seeing that making me like "ohh..bilelah aku nak kawin.." or " camne la isteri aku nnti ye..."haha...i laugh to myself then..~

I simply gave rate the movie 4 out of 5.

ps: pingu really distract me.hah and she give the movie 3 out of 5~


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Akademi Fanta'Lame'Sia

I watch the tirai show yesterday,

Don't ever ask why I watch this show, but ask what is making my body automatically watch the tirai show from start to the end,Well, like usual at 9.00pm I oredi at home relaxing myself after hibernating at the CC for a many hours. Seeing my sister already in front of TV and looking all excited, I ask her

"Is there any interesting show today?"

she simply answer, " Yeah, Tirai Akademi Fantasia !"

gosh~,,i didn't have any interest on it ,

but! after seeing one contestant (the girl of course) My eyes and my whole body stopped , gosh, she's pretty, her eyes, goeshh~H~H~H...
She's cute and pretty, I couldn't say anything more than that, she's 21 and she's from Terengganu, I think I need to learn the Ngganu Accent from my classmate Atif after this..haha!

ps : Whak Abouk Spok?

Friday, March 09, 2007


Today is friday,
a very slow day,
where everyone walks like a dead people,
where the bus stand would be full with PBSM(guest it) people,
The class is really2 bored today, there are only a few people who manage to come and put aside their lazyness to come to the BEL class and see our beloved Mrs.Indrani.Our lecturer is upset with our really2 'good' attendance today and suddenly she giving out her 'expected' story about the boy who comes late of the class, the lazy people and her daily view about life. I must say, she really need to wrote some novel or any short stories because she is the person who have 1000 stories in her mind.

Suddenly today I need to go back home to take something for my socio research. Haih, there are a few assignment that need to be completed. Damn, I miss the old school days sometimes. Where teacher only gives assignment twice or once a year. Now, I get em like twice a week,gosh.But it's still fun and I'm enjoying my life here.

-still waiting for my angel to come and brings light to my dark path-