Saturday, February 23, 2013

falls head first.

To kill oneself, over an issue,
is a stupid move.
come on, if you can think to jump,
and end life, just like that...

then why don't you just do something with great risk?
invest big on something new?
climb a mountain with dangerous peak?
do something that will guarantee you a 70% death?

at least you are doing something fun/thrilling/scary.
it's not like you're afraid to die ain't you?

though, I believe some people couldn't stand up on their own,
but it does not mean you need to bear and be hurt yourself?
find a friend,

since you're thinking of killing yourself.
why don't you just try,

it's not like you're afraid of anything ain't you?

ps: I might be high.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


To prove people wrong,
is the best feeling ever.

I'm not gifted with the best looks and talents,
but I am on my way to use what I have,
to reach the stars.

The best player, is a person who are capable of using whatever he/she have in hands,
and turn it onto something beautiful, meaningful, profitable even.
and yes, I'm on my way to master that.

ps : oh yea, yesterday marks the anniversary of this blog first post, lots of things happen afterwards. When I read back the first post, I'm unsured of who is the writer of this blog, but then, time changes people, changes me,

though I still believe there are grammatical errors hidden somewhere in this post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


They say, follow the flow..
.. and things will come pick you up, one by one.
Then life will show you the way, guides you to the correct path it believe.

But ,

what if things aren’t that simple?
What if there’s like a monster and scoundrels come haunting you all the way..
Lingering around your thoughts every time you decide to decide a decision?

Living a life is a risk,
And this is a risk I’m willing to take..
Not that I’m going to die anyway.