Sunday, September 02, 2007


Like last sem, the assignment started to grow and making me busy and busy and busy.

Life is freaking busy nowadays. When I think that I'm done with this assignment, there are still like, 2-3 assigments coming in. To be exact, this flowing assignments will not be ended until study weeks come. Also I need to endure the lame-ness of KoKo, I still need to think about my hair, and cover it up with something so that I will not be caught by the 'father-of-all-fantasies' Encik Sahak during KoKo.

The life during class is lame this sem, the environment is not like last sem and like my old class. I only talk and joked at a few people in the class, they were nice really and some of them have the habit of making gossip, just like the old class people.

Seriously, I miss those times.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lovey Dewey Dovey

It's weird when one day you woke up and suddenly seeing everyone u've known single, is already been taken.

but that's the truth, i'm surrounded by lovey dovey people right now and well, seeing them with their love ones doing their romantica uniquelyca extravaganza thing sometimes makes you laugh, and wonder.

'Things are wonderful when they're shared'

I still remember this one girl who said it clear out loud that "life is so much better single" last sem, and now, her motto turns into "Life is so much better when you bla bla bla". I am amazed by the way her bf gives flower yesterday, haha.

Hey F you shud be grateful, that's one cool way to express his love ok!

And also, I still remember about this guy I met last semester, he's my partner when it comes to cute gurls and 'flirty2 comment2' thingy.

Now, he's ended up being with one gurl and he stated this when he goes out with her

ezul : tadi ko keluar mane beb?

M : kuar ngan awek aku.

ezul : awek?...opppsss..

M : did i say awek?..weih.. aku dah ade awek..gile arhhh...

ezul : demn.

And there are two of my classmates who until now, still 'main tarik tali' when I ask them what are their relationship.

Finally, the gurl who's always been like monkey and just celebrated her birthday yesterday once said, she think she has found her only one, and she's serious.

well I wish her luck then.

The power of love is crazy,

ps: Life is so much better single when you're busy. :)