Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have a problem,
despite my job,
I'm a bit socially awkward.

I tend to be quiet with people I don't know..

I don't usually be like 

'hey how are you?'
'today is hot eh?'
'tak balik lagi?'
dah makan?'

I thought those lines were silly, and too mainstream.
and because I couldn't come up with something better,
staying quiet is the best choice.

I need an igniter,
people who just spit out those mainstream lines,
so that I can connect and engage a conversation with them.

while waiting for a recording tape,
I tried to engage in a conversation with a lady,

and like usual,
I failed to think of a pickup lines  conversation starter.

gotta man up next time.
and maybe use those mainstream silly lines for a try.