Friday, November 27, 2009


thanks to Eman Mainan

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 6

Part 6 : Hello, Goodbye

This semester was THE MOST relax+gila+babih semester. 2 subjects, 9 credit hours, nothing is better than this, I'm free most of the time and able to go back to Shah Alam every week!

but of course that thought last only for one month. The research subject is not as easy as I think it were because for our research proposal only, we need to redo for up to 5-6 times or maybe more (actually I forgot how many time that we need to re-do the research proposal) and also there are a few things coming up after that.

Working on the montage for the KOMED AGM(hari bersara/meletakkan jawatan). Below is the final product.

The KOMED. I've learn a lot together with these people and if there's any chance in the future I would like to work together once again with you guys in the future.

The class that I'll never forget. I guess I'll be missing some of you guys in the future.

From Suria FM to the never ending fulus problem. Hafiz absence from the group left us with a task to find a suitable new members for our research group. Thank god, Adam and Jannah are willing to join our group.

Together we've been through many things during the research period. ERA FM didn't give a huge favor for us on giving gift or goodies bags for the exhibition but they helped us with the interview and with that, our research interview process went smoothly as planned, except for a few misunderstanding at the beginning.

I will always remember on the every dilemma and problems that we encounter in preparation for the exhibition, fulus problem, goodies bag, masalah itulah masalah inilah.But despite all of the hurdle, I'm glad that we're able to overcome all those things ourselves. Thanks to each of our member willingness to sacrifice their money and time, we've completed all the task that has been given to us.

The final class BBQ party.
The Viva, our final destination and our final meeting as one class.

Goodbye Malacca, hello ___________(tidak boleh letak tempat lagi sebab result kemasukan masih tak keluar).

The End.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 5

Part 5 : Carry That Weight

This is by far, the toughest semester I've ever been into. There are 5 major assignments that need to be done and thanks to Komed, there are more things to worry about.

Anugerah Juara Lagu <-- gila best, we actually been there for two days, first for the rehearsal and on the second day, live and yeah, we're among the first audience to watch the Faizal Tahir membalas dendam punya performance sebab kena ban.
Masscomm induction, it's fun and rasa besar kepala sikit(tak besar sgt la pun) since you're the senior and one of the komed members, so in order for them to pass the induction, they will need to find you and get your signature and all...(tapi ada yang tak ikut pun =.=)
I've always looking forward to this semester because of this, the audio video subject. My true desire would be on making a short film, but somehow, luck wasn't by my side and I had to do the documentary after all. At first I was a bit demotivated, but after a few times working on the script and the subject, I think making documentary was not bad at all, plus it enlighten you of the thing you didn't know. With the help of the committed crew members, we manage to finish the documentary and it was well received by the lecturer and other students. Despite all that, I think if we have more time and budget, the finished product should be a lot better than this.
FESKOM 2009. I've never ever ever be a project leader for an event before and one day, the advisor told me

"Izzul, I think you are the right candidate to handle this annual event"

and since nobody has propose to me to manage an event, I think I was in shock on that time and unexpectedly my mouth speak of itself,

"um... boleh kot.."

yes, just like that. Until now I'm still thinking

why did I accept such an offer on this hellish semester?

Realizing that Feskom is no small event, I've worked my ass off everyday to make sure everything goes in place. Yes, there are some controversies and all, but luck was in my side as the event took off successfully. I would like to send my thanks to all the mt's who involve, I think without all of you, the event will not be as successful as it were. As to any people whom I hurt(emotionally) throughout the event, I owe you an apology. This is my first time being a project leader for such an event and I could not escape from making a mistake. I'm sorry.

and I still remember this

"I takut taw tengok muka you time feskom tu, pressure je"

I'm sorry too. ;)
The fantastic four still going strong this semester, however things didn't go like we always want it to be, Hafiz made a decision to withdraw from the group because he said he need to experience working with other people and we understand that,

things wouldn't be the same again after that though,

to be continue~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 4

Part 4 : A Long Way To The Top

I thought that, I would have a chance to be a bit lad back this semester since there were only three days of class, but I didn't. There are a lot of work to be done too and somehow, I've gotten used to it day by day.
The assignments.

The Festival Film Malaysia, with Shirin's magic, we are able to sneak ourselves into the 'Majlis Pasca FFM' and met a lot of artist there.(haha)

The never ending class raya trip.and this, will change my life on the next two semester. :)

to be continue~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 3

Part 3 : A New Hope

The life on the 'region' didn't last long. I felt, there's something missing over there, it's not the people, it's just, me i think. When I heard that there was an opportunity to jump to other place, I do what I had to do and move on to the new 'region', The F.

The F!
The Fantastic Four(haha)

This new 'region' is not to bad either, plus the people there are friendly and I have fun most of the time working with them. I guess I made a good choice, furthermore, the other 'D's' is also joining with me and together we kind of form a team which last for a few semester. A team that I spend most of my life in Malacca with.(okay, ayat dah betul2 macam cerita novel, maaf)
The Baby
Presentation for the Psychology subject.

The semester also gave me the opportunity to own a dslr camera that I've always wanted since forever!. After that, I found myself trying all the photography theory that I've learn and also exploring some new ways of 'snapping' myself. With a lot of assignments, beberapa kali jugaklah aku demam mase sem ni.

to be continue~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 2

Part 2: The Attack of the Authority.

The semester start with the news that nobody could afford to accept. Without any early note or hint,

"We need to shuffle up your batch because we didn't have enough masscomm lecturer to teach all of the class".

It cause chaos between the students in our batch, most of them didn't agree with the decision and plans to counter the plan(ok, maybe this sentence ter-exaggerated sikit hehe.) especially when there are class that is still untouched (tidak dishuffle).But somehow, the decision has been made and we as a student, need to follow the plan that has been made for us.

The Rebellious D.
The Dean's List Award Ceremony at UiTM Shah Alam
New phase.

The life in the new 'region' didn't seem so bad. Pandai-pandai hiduplah kan, the past is sweet, but all of us need to move on with our lives.

to be continue~

Monday, November 09, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 1

Its over,
just like that.

Apart from many things that I've been thru throughout the year, this are the thing I won't forget, forever.

Part 1 - The Introduction to the Campus Life 101.

Everything seems to be perfect on this first semester, and most of them are the experience of meeting new people, living on the new environment, experiencing the tough seniority culture, the stereotypes and the unity between the senior and junior. Shaving your hair sampai botak is another thing and yeah, the co-curricular activity, urghh~.

The Ding Dong!
The Choral Speaking and Sketch Champion(ceh riak)The Best PPKP Ever!The Weekly Routine
The Picnic
Class di blok FSociology class.

The best semester is here,with the laughter and smile everywhere, everyone thought it would last, but somehow you just wouldn't know what will happen in the future,

to be continue~

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Movie Review - The Fourth Kind

If you want to see a film that is slightly different from other in your 'film-to-see' list, well this is the one for you. Based on the actual case studies that situated on Nome, Alaska, 'The Fourth Kind' shows us an intriguingly thriller+horror+fiction+sub documentary film that highlights the research of Dr. Abigail Tyler on the mysterious Alien abduction cases in Nome around the year 2000.

What attracts me is the way the director, Olatunde Osunsanmi actually blends the 'actual footage' of the case alongwith the 'film footage'. This create more spooky kind of situation that remind me of the film 'Blair Witch Project'. Moreover, I really enjoyed the cinematography technique and stylish editing in the film especially during the interview and the transition between the actual footage to the film footage. Although the film did receive a lot of bad critics, for me, the plot in the film was nicely done and if, if this case studies were real, I must say, the production crew must have worked really hard to get it done, because making film out of facts is not an easy task to accomplish.

But somehow, I didn't really recommend this film for those who love to watch fast flowing action movie that doesn't require them to think much since the film is a bit slow in plot and requires the audience to think about what happen to the people there in Nome.

rate : 4/5.

ps: After what have been said and done in the film, the case of study validity is still being questioned by the critics. Is the case true? I don't know, it's for you to decide after you watch this film.