Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kasi Murah Kalkulator Encik Taboo.

I was so bored one day, and then my friend suddenly show me one video that is so freaking funny.

There's more, go to youtube.com and search for MarilahBerbaikBaik, he is the provider.

Boredom makes me want to conquer the world, I'm addicted to Rise Of the Nation now, and My troops has conquered the Asia and Africa. There's one continent more to go!.

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flip, myself and you said...

meh aku bagi something yang lagi cool dan kelakar.

boleh la menghilangkan kebosanan budak2 masscom yang takde keje selalu ni ahah. oops.

youtube. type :
darah muda the remix
tangkap basah
dikir atromen

memang lawak tahap dewa.
mana tau dapat memberikan idea utk filem2 terbaru kau.

flipsuddenlywashere inc