Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 - A New Hope

Today is the last day of 2006,a year that brings me sadness n happiness,a year that taught me a lot of thing about life,a year where most of bad incident happening to me,and also a year that saw me become a more better n mature person.

But I could not deny that this year is one of my bad year throughout my young life.
First in March I got a very dissapointing SPM result that making me looking all gloom and un-spirited for a week.Next,I've failed to enter the IPTA 1st intake, and then my most beloved granny past-away on June.

Eventhough this year is kinda bad,it really teach me how to be a person on this 'dramatic' world.

So this is the last entry,goodbye 2006,Hello 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A New Path

Chapter 1 : T.R.A.P vacation

the T.R.A.P refers to Telaga Air Panas,or hot springs or geiser or whutsoever people call it,last saturday if i'm not mistaken,a friend of mine suddenly come and ask me

"ko esok nk join tak gi mandi sungai?",

n my reply is short.."bole gak"..

he said that his mom wants him to invite any friends so that the vacation would be much more fun.And that sunday(tomorrow after that day) there we go,with other 3 fellow friends .On the way to the destination he say,

"wey,smlm aku igt sungai,rpenye kite ni pgi telage air panas"

and we all replied "whut the heck!? kiterorg igt pgi sungai congkak ke,memane sg. yg sejuk"

then he replied "aku mane tau ma,ari ni mak aku baru bgtau"

then again we all just go,thinking that the place may be not bad at all,and when we arrive there,after 2 hours,seeing that our thought is right,the place really not bad at all.

Eating process


Chapter 2 : A New Path.

Starting 2 jan,i will walking into the new life,away from my 'old' unikl ~i will be entering uitm on that day,and all I hope is that this new life will bring me more good memories and more fun than the old place.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Call in Repek-king day~

Today life is bored again,maybe because i've been sitting in this chair in front of my pc for hours.I've been thinking again and again~ "whut to do aa this sem-break?"..but then,came a letter from UITM, offering me some course,me suddenly,a letter from uitm,i've been waiting for this for long,why should I 'throw' this offer so easily,well,now i have a new topic to think beside "whut to do aa this sem-break"..gosh.

Yeah, he is the person that the poster said~, I think there is no inspirational club captain that is so famous with any controversial and full of skills(well dont mention Zidane) after him.Well,if someone like him really exist now at manutd,i think it's Wayne Rooney~..but well,time will tell.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A1 GrandPrix

Last week,my father i think,got a free ticket for two to watch A1,well i'm not really surprise to hear that(maybe i'm not a 'F1 or A1 racing maniac).But then, my father decided to give the ticket to me n my lil bro~.Thinking that watching the race will be fun(i never go to any races except watching the 'rempit harrem races') I accept the ticket n there i go~.
Sepang Circuit View ho.ho..with a1 gp girlsLotus Elise Car(if only i can get this one for free)Malaysian Driver Alex Yoong CarHelicopter from nowhere

Race View

The race ended up with Alex Yoong 'succesfully' got a 7th place out of 22 i think~..not to bad then,I dont really hope that he will win that day,but if he wins,the newspaper tomorrow maybe have him written on the headlines.One win can make u famous for the whole life some say.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

huhu~,this raya is not the same as the last raya ,tomorrow,it will be a raya without atuk.Kinda sad,but this is a reality then,so..selamat ari raye!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

MARA haze

Attack of the Haze , taken last year
The brani-sedut-asap pose also taken last year

Everywhere ,at the U,my house,my cc,the haze is everywhere.As for me who cant stand to long on 'a-s-a-p situation' i've been coughing everyday since ~plus! it's ramadhan week,my stomach is filled with 'a-s-a-p' on day,and filled with 'misc foods on night' gosh~..doesnt it will have an effect on my health?.I just wish that this 'Haze Attacks' will end soon,before Aidilfitri I hope.

and now~..there is MARA agreement that I need to settle in before the date comes~.Damn,this kinda agreement depress me a lot or in its typical malay words it 's "LECEH!".

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A week of ramadhan

well,first week of ramadhan,i've spent my time watching starwars,sleeping,and not yeah..x lupe..spent some times for tarawikh,well,fasting aboard from home is quite a challenge for me who never had an experience before.~well,it's a fun experience then,if i wont have this kind of experience now,maybe i will face it on my 'bujang' days.haha

well,there is one girl that caught my attention,nahh~~ not in this real world,well,alongside michishige~,there is niigaki risa(or nagaki risa)..gosh..she can be a beauty, and a cutie after that.

Niigaki Risa

ps: farid,don't say that she's yours.:P

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadhan Mubarak

well,once again,my beloved month comes again,ramadhan..yeah,some people would be preparing to "ponteng puase" throughout this month,but not me,this month I hope that I can survive this holy month without any "ponteng case".Well,since it is the first time fasting abroad(slalunye kt rumah je).So maybe it will be a little difficult then~..but hey! who cares,I just hope that I can endured it then.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Midterm Hell

In just around 3 days(i think)..the midterm will be started,and yeah,I will be filling those day with reading books,doing exercise n yeah of course feeling nervous all the time.The first day will be a math day.Damn!..that's sux..but well,things must go on.I hope I can go through that week with a good feeling.

Michishige,now i'm really2 deeply 'mad' at her,so cute~..gosh,one from 5 girls listed for 'my must have this criteria' girl.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


A Morning Musume added with a whole lot of assignment recipe.

only for this week,i've received a few tough assignment that stressed myself for the whole week.more worst,those assignment need to be done by next monday.damn!

But there is a good things coming too,last week, fique(a saru) shows me one video that makes my world shaken up.Yeah!..he showed me a morning musume video.After seeing the video..i can only say one word "CUTE SHIIALL"(let's make it two)..haha..~..oh MichiShige..I love u~~...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scary Mid term

I have a pretty good day today,meeting all my friends that have been travelled to other U,well,everybody got their own stories,ghost stories,love stories and anything related to it~.Well, many of them have their good time after facing their own U mid term,and me here,..the mid term exam is just around the corner,damn~..i just hate..EXAMS!..

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bored Mid Sem Holiday~ it's friday,and my midsem holiday will be over in 2 days,and yeah,i've only one thing this holiday,"jaga cc".yeah..that's the word.haih,before the and this friends of mine already make a good plan during this holiday,but well,maybe it's treally not our luck this time,he good some problem and the plan was cancelled.Nevermind all that,next week i think i will be at my U in only 3 days i think,then i will go home to celebrate "MERDEKA DAY" with my fellow friends.I hope nothing will ruined my plan this time.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A show n A Reunion

Part 1 - A Show

Yes,truely it is,a nasyeed show for me after a long time dont sing.Last week there was a invitation to all 'siswa' who are interested to participate in a nasyid and dikir barat.I, cam bese ar, choose nasyid.That night,the person who in charge tell us that we will perform nasyid at U Konve,maybe 13 august,and the place?..damn..Stadium Putra bukit jalil.Do you believe that?..Me myself, was like,dont believe it yet.I'm gonna perform a nasyid songs at the putra stadium?...and to make things worse,I'm the solo..gosh...i hope things will get better.

Part 2 - Hostel EXCO

Yesterday the 'felo and warden' called all the students to attend a hostel meeting.This meeting is to hire the EXCO for each level.Me myself.didn't plan at all to get any EXCO of wutsoever.And then,things turn rapidly.One of the felo suddenly pointing finger at me and said " tu..bdak baju merah tu..sapa nama?"..and I tell him my name..and then he said.."OK kamu skang EXCO keagamaan"..and I was like.."DAMN!"..keagamaan? myself x ckup ilmu lagi..exco agama?..gosh..things i wish will be more better after this.

Part 3 - Re-union

I decide to go home yesterday,to meet my old pal,dah lame x jmpe diorg..and then suddenly the other old pal pn balik.and well..we all decided to make a reunion.We play basketball together.Gosh,its been a long time since we play together,laughing,make jokes..and yeah..surely the have many to talk about..and mostly..about girls..haha..what a stereotype topics.Me then go back home..and now..doing some assignment..and yeah..updating my blog..lame x update weii~.:p.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

The U Day

It's been two weeks i think since last i updated this blog,well life at University aren't bad at all.All people were like friendly enough for me to fit in.

Chapter 1 - Orientation weeks

The first week,like usual all the freshies need to endure this damn week with all the 'ragingness' hampessness and many 'ness' that will come out.The 'fasi' is all like damn garang to all the freshie when we first met.But then..after a few days,they are beginning to soften a bit,well maybe they got tired being tough all the time.

Chapter 2 - The first 'Kulliyah' week.

This week,a few lecturer was like,"malas nk mengajar"..and yeah,me and others was like "bagus!,xde pening sgt"..haha,and yeah..this week, I met a few new friends ,they were like friendly too.okesh ,malas nk pikir byk...tgk je la gmba k.":P

My hostel,looking good huh?

Imac ..indah kabar dr rupa

Dpan tuh hostel prmpuan,boleh ditropong bile2 masa

Chatting2 kosong wit a few friends,

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Last Meeting.

Last night we planned to go to the Putrajaya to make our 'last meeting' before everybody separated going each ways to the University.Me myself sentimentally feels like,gosh..I dont believe this will happens.I will become a 'Mahasiswa'.Wow..never thought this thing will happen this fast.But that's life,maybe when I get married I would thought it will be too fast too.We stopped at the putrajaya bridge and 'lepak' there and then taking pictures as many as we wish.Then we stopped at the Palace of Justice and do the same thing too until the clocks ticks to 12.35pm.We decide to go home then,and hav a good life after that.This meeting will be a memorable ones!.

and today!,i got up the bed and go work for the last time,and then after this i need to pack my clothes,cut my hair(again?? T-T)..and other things related to it.

Hoping for a better tomorrow! amin.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Today, everything seems to be slow.Internet server slow,layan lagu slow,even my brain was like so slow to think about something.It's maybe because only 2 days left before I walk away from old life,moving to the new life.Haih..really hoping for something good to come out now,maybe suddenly money coming down from the sky?.That would be good enough.Ok.stop repek-ing.These past few days I always play this one songs from the oldies band 'Beatles' named 'Yesterday'.Ble bla gak lagu ni.layan je la.~

The Beatles

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me.
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say.
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Mm mm mm mm mm.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Schools Family Day

Today i went to school~..of course to attend the school family day.The Weather looked nice,the situation get crowded when the time reached 11pm.Me and others fellow goes 'round and round and round until our legs got tired by walking,Then someone suggested that we should hav a little rest at 'Dewan' and see some 'nasyid show too'..That time,once again,I see her,god..she's truly beautiful..'cntik sungguh makhluk ciptaan Allah ni'.well,yeah~..i dont hav any plan to approach I just stood in some corner,'hiding' beside my friends and looked towards her..kinda sad really,I will leave this fantasy girl of mine next week.

After the show ended,someone suggested that we should try 'RUMAH HANTU'..and I myself,got excited to hear that.After we arrive at the 'RUMAH ANTU'..well..all of us felt ' long to wait'.There are so many people there want to try the RUMAH ANTU.But that doesnt stop us,the spirit to see the 'human-made ghost' is far greater,so there are 8 of us,lining up for hours,and hours,and try the 'RUMAH ANTU'.when our turn comes.everybody feel excited.After 'the trip to RUMAH ANTU finished' we all felt 'DAMN..THAT'S NOT WORTH IT!
"..we all hav to wait for hours and all that we get is...a very2 dark situation and a 2-3 ghost that not scary at all..but nevermind is only an experience.aih.

I've decided to come home early before the family day ended,well..have to takeover the cybercafe works.and the day,ended horribly..but i'm glad,rlly glad that I can see her and my school for the last time,before going to the University.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anxious yet Nervous

Chapter 1 - Unikl BMI

I will be going to the U on 2nd july 2006.Haih..seems like the time for me to play around and enjoy2 sakan will be over then.Last Sunday,me and my family decided to visit(dh mcam karangan form 2 dh) the U.Well..when we arrive there..I felt this be my place to spend for the next 3 years?..well..the University looks OK to me..for now,i dunno what it will be look like for the next 3 years.

Chapter 2 - Busy.

I've been busy yesterday,many things need to do before going to the U.The Mara loan-lah,Medical checkup-lah. easy said,mcam2 kene buat.But nevermind that..sometimes it's good to be busy after a long time 'well rest'.Well my preparations for U..only accomplish about 30%..more to do next.I think this week will be the busiest week.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


World Cup started on yesterday night with a mouth-watering match opener between germany and costa-rica.The german's played a very terrific match..with a good pace and good driven shot.But still..I will support england!!..yeah..england!!..i've been supporting england since euro 2004.Not so long though but I dont even care..hehe..Anyway,Tonight England will be facing Paraguay.So I will definitely sit in front of the tv watching them playing.Go England!

ps : Getting bored supporting other country,I wonder when will be the time for my country to play in the world cup.MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Scary Haircut Day

Yesterday I was simply 'nekad' to cut my hair,well..lot's of people asking me why..why cut?..well..the reason is because I've made a promise to my ustaz that I will cut my 'beautiful long hair' if I got offers from University.Well..a promise is a promise..I'm someone who is not used to broke promises.Usually I will do what i've promised too.

I ask Haizam to be my witness on that day.Well he's excited too..maklumla..jrg tgk mmber rmbut pnjang potong rambut kot.We both goes to the saloon near my cc.There, the 'haircutter'(love to spell haircutter than barber or stylist) give us a book full of hairstyle to choose from.After selecting a few minutes.Me then saw the takeshi kaneshiro's hairstyle.Without thinking,I choose the actor hairstyle.Then the Procedure began~......


After the procedure..I look at the Calendar and smiles.

" a date to end my hair legacy."

ps: I wont show my 'After' pictures because I feel 'lain mcam' when seeing myself with short hair..maybe 'x biase' tgk muke sndri brambut pendek.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


This morning,i tried to call my father's HP to ask him about something related to our family business.but then, his phone seems to be off.I tried to call my grandmother house,..then someone answer my call,it was my relative,I call her Mak Ngah, my grandmother 2nd sons.Her voice seems sad.I tell her that I want to talk to my father,

and she said "Ayah dah pegi masjid".

After hearing that sentences,I feel not good at all,and I directly ask her,

"Nenek dh meninggal ke?",

She then reply "ya..nenek dah meninggal , along bgtau angah ye psl ni..doa utk nenek banyak2"

After that short conversation,I feels sad,..All the memories I have with her suddenly playing in the box of my mind.She was the best grandmother I ever had,especially when I was a little kid..I'm very "manja" that time, all the thing that I ask,she will try to buy it for me.I really enjoyed that moment.But now, it's all history..a happy+sad memories to think about.

Al-Fatihah utk Arwah Nenekku
Semoga Rohnya Dicucuri Rahmat

Thursday, June 01, 2006


5 days ago my mother was..rushing packing her clothes after hearing that my grandmother is sick and taken to hospital for operation,after falling from stairs.Then..after 3 mother brought her to my house for a well rest and also we can help her if something unwanted happens.She looks pretty pale and really2..not like a grandmother i used to know before.Her eyes blurry,she cant talk properly.Walking?..lagila x ble.

And now this morning..My mom says..My grandmother were "susah-nk-bcakap".The only words came out from her mouth is "aaaa...aaaaaaa.".And then after a few minutes..she can properly talks again..but only a little.She really looks like very-sick-people now.And I only can hope that,she can regain her health..and get well pretty soon.Amin.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Miserable Morning

I had a Miserable morning today.When I woke up from my deep sleep,everything turns out to be normal,until when looking at my table and realize that my 'purse is missing!! arghh..why must this thing happens to me.There are 2 important things beside money in my purse!..and that is my I/C and my License card!..argh...I search and I search dr ruang yg smpit smpai ke ruang yg luas..and yeah..I found nothing except dust.haih.Really..this is so-so much of my miserable morning.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I was back here again,sitting in front of my 'close-computer-friends' working here again..and yeah..everything turns out to be normal again after my 4 Good-Days vacation at Langkawi.
Cuti kali ni penuh dgn mandi-manda..asal jumpe spot je,mandi.jumpe je mandi..hehe..sampai the whole face and body getting darker than ever..dah mcam org laut tepi pantai dh kulit ni..huehue..
Percutian kali ni..ntahla..malas nk describe..tgk la sneak peek sskit..:)

Ready Bus Ke Kuala Perlis

Pose Excited!

Helang Kebanggaan

Great Waterf alls~

Dan Mcam2 lagi..more pics ble tgk kt My Photo Album..usha2 la ye..:)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Langkawi Trip!!

Hoho..The trip will be started tonight.Naik bus je..xde air asia nyer..well,rase x sabar jgak nk pgi..mcam2 mende kiterorg x confirm lg..sume nk take risk je bile smpai sane..standed gne walk in je..carik2 chalet..tgk reger brpatutan ke x..then trus msk..maklumla..bkan time cuti..rasenye x ramai org..and harap2 x ramai la kan.Well trip ni pn maybe trip last kiterorg sblm sumenye separated going to the different U.Then slps tu..maybe susah kiterorg nk brjumpe..kalo jumpe pn..ade la dlm cuti2 sem..tu pun kalo jumpe.haih..papepun..hrp2 trip kali ni xde pape kesulitan brlaku..happy2 ja sume.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Champions OF Europe Decided And A The Day Shines Once More

Chapter 1 - Barca'mpion'lona
Finally one of my favourite teams in europe won the Champions League Last Night,beating Arsenal 2-1 at the Stade de France stadium in Paris.I missed that match following the "total ngantuk" that struck me suddenly when I was bored waiting for the match to begins.Dissapointed really,but finally it paid off when hearing Barcelona won that match.A Sol Campbell header leads Arsenal by a goal to nil at the first half,following by a split decision by referee giving Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann a red card for pulling "i dun remember the player" leg outside the penalty box.Ronaldinho really doesnt perform well that night.He doesnt posses many 'magic' that night,maybe being tightly marked by Arsenal defender,he unable to move freely and do some 'his' things.At the 2nd half Barca started to shock Arsenal when a goal by samuel eto'o equalize the score to 1-1.Sooner then,Belleti put Barca ahead 2-1 and the scored stay until the last 90.00.Barca won the champions league.

ps:oh I forgot,Henry did some of his magic footing too..but the luck is not on his side last night.

Chapter 2 - Unikl! Finally!

2 days before I check the internet and found something really shocking.


really happy right now! :D:D:D:D

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Triple Frustration the UPU result..which means this result will tell u if u pass or not to the University.As for me.This result ruined my whole day.First, mntak tolong to my friend utk tanyekan my UPU result because time 12 tengahari result yg ditunggu2 x kuar2 jugak kat internet.So after that...she called me..and give me sum bad news

"sorry dik..awk x dpt memane course..adik akak ni ha pn x dpt mane2 course..jangan sedey ye...ble wat rayuan lagi"

Me then, face turned sad...I feel frustrated..but then..i go to search the result for myself..x puas ati sngguh ni..then when i manage to get thru the "busy-giler" server..i got this so-so frustrated message.

"Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2006/2007
After seeing these words..i said to myself."Kenape cmni?..adekah aku kn jadi penonton kpd kejayaan org lagi?..spt yg brlaku sblm ni..spt time result spm?..spt time result matriks dn temuduga? if yes..why?"..
but other self speak.."be patient..ade 3 peluang lagi..yakni form 6,unikl dn politeknik..lagipun ade 2nd take for U"..
yeah..there is a chance..but i dont to be in form 6..segan siot..mmg tu major factor..lgpun baju2 nya pn aku blum beli..haih..then..the 2nd take..heh..should i wait that long?..argh..penantian itu 1 penyeksaan...aku smemangnya 'cold' gile after that..mmg x ble bla..really hope yg unikl and politeknik will give me some place..really..need it..
i juz dun want tobe another spectator.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The End Of EPL Season

Chapter 1 - Manutd secured their 2nd place

After a draw n lose manutd finally got their final win they needed to secured their 2nd place.I was a bit scare at the beginning worrying that manutd will lose because Rooney dont play.Then ferguson put a shocking lineup by using Italian Teenager Rossi upfront with Louis Saha rather than R.V.Nistelrooy.1st half display look's good. A lot of good pass made,held the possession wisely..and put a pressure to opposing team.All three manutd players Louis Saha,Richardson and Ronaldo got thei target to the goal and 1 unlucky charlton player also put his into the scoreboard by scoring his own goal.The result 4-0.

Chapter 2 - Highbury and Henry Final Match?

Although I am not an Arsenal Fan myself but I do really wanted to see the final farewell from Arsenal Fans and player to their old stadium named Highbury.The team will move to the new Emirates Stadium so the old stadium...I dunno will be what then..maybe they will give it to the 2nd or 3rd division team?..i dunno..The Arsenal match against wigan looked interesting with the home fans wearing 'Red and White' to show the symbolic Arsenal Jersey colours.Henry I think was the man of the match.He scored his hat-trick on that day..there was a lot of rumours about him leaving Arsenal this summers..the biggest rumours is he will go to he 'Catalan Barcelona' ..maybe that is his final match with Arsenal?..Time will tell.

Friday, May 05, 2006


huhu..22nd Mei. Me and other friends decided to go to Langkawi.Many things to do then.Buy a bus ticket,book a we all busy looking for a good chalet to stay in when the day we at Langkawi.We all decided to search a chalet near to the beach..when we were looking..and looking..and looking ...finally....we couldn't the chalet we wanted to every people who knows about Langkawi very well..please help me find a chalet near Cenang Beach please..if u do know about 'Semarak Beach and Resort' chalet..I hope u all can message me and give the chalet numbers..

ps:msg me - or just comment the blog here..:)~


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Unlucky ManUtd

Middlesbrough -0

Manutdwere unlucky these past few weeks..after a horrible lost against Chelsea.Come another horrible draw against Middlesbrough.Seems like Rooney absence is the main factor of this draw.
manutd got a few good chances at this of them is when a penalty given. But then..ruud van nistelrooy missed the penalty horribly at the wrong time and at the wrong pace. Well..really i hope the match against charlton wouldn't be this bad.if manutd got a draw or lose again..the 2nd spot will be taken by liverfool and that's very not good at all..

Sunday, April 30, 2006

EPL n AIM 13

there were two famous incidents happening throughout Malaysia last night..that is the Chelski Money-Team EPL crowning after beating my-loved manutd and AIM 13

Chapter 1 - Chelski VS ManUtd

Last Nite merupakan game yang mmg ditunggu2 oleh peminat sukan bola sepak across the country..x kire la dimana2..semua pnyokong2 antara 2 team ni msti menantikan game yg mmg dijangka hangat ni.mane taknya..jika Chelsea mng diorg akan jadi champion EPL secare sah.dan jika manutd mng..maruah manutd xkan trcalar dan chelsea pnyer celebration akan ditangguhkan for another day.Tapi ape nak buat,game yang diharapkan menarik,x jadi menarik pun.Aku mengharapkan game yang berentak laju..dan memang tight seperti game sblm ni sms manutd vs arsenal.Tapi lain plak jadinye..chelsea control game and keep the possession really well..and manutd asik hilang possession and x ble menghalang chelsea's game rythm.Bile aku tengok semue ni trjadi aku terus brpikir."hurm...kalo terus cmni..maybe chelsea mng kot"..dan agakan aku menjadi kenyataan then..bile dlm minit ke-5 William "beg" Gallas mmbuat header tajam trus msk ke gawang manutd..aku trus spread out my frustration by saying "bodoh!"..gol yg dihasilkan gallas tuh mudah belake jike nk dilihat..nampak sangat time die nk wat header tu..confirm free header and xde sape mark--> Silevestre..argh..die bkannye nk marking..sbaliknye die ikut same duk alongside ferdinand..argh!!..then the 2nd goal coming from chelsea..aku ble la maafkan manutd defensive line..joe cole mmbuat 1-2 move yg mmg dazzling dn brjaya mlepasi ferdinand n yeah..finish it off himself.The 3rd goal then..come from carvalho..he run and run and run..and nobody challenge him.until sampai ke manutd penalty box..ade 3 player manutd ade kt situ then i said dlm hati.."where's the other manutd player?..lari la tolong 3 org ni"..but then..the other player boleh brjalan2 lagi..then aku ckp.
"sure goal"..and's happen..urgh!.

tak ckup dgn kekalahan..Rooney plak injured...6 weeks out..hope he can manage it to the world cup.

Chapter 2 - AIM 13

Afdlin Shauki and Bob Lokman start the show very2 well dgn meng-introduce pemuzik2 dgn cara mereka sndri.Mula2 agak ackward gak la tgk.."ape la diorg nk buat ni" and then lama2 jadi cam besh plak..nampak kelainan die.Furthermore diorg mnjalankan majlis ni dgn ayat2 spontan dn kinda lawak jugak bile due org ni brgabung.Bob Lokman banyak mengeluarkan ayat2 yang agak kontroversi dan Afdlin juge x trkecuali.mmg x sia2 diorg ni dilantik jd pengcara majlis smlm.

tu je aku nk sntuh psl AIM..kalo xde pengacara besh due org ni..aku x tgk kot.

petikan dari akhbar Utusan Malaysia.

Jac terus gemilang
Siti Nurhaliza dan Jaclyn Victor bersama trofi yang dimenangi pada AIM ke-13, di PWTC malam tadi.
KUALA LUMPUR 29 April - Jaclyn Victor (Jac) muncul penyanyi paling menyerlah apabila menggondol empat anugerah pada Anugerah Industri Muzik ke-13 (AIM13) yang berlangsung di Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di sini malam ini.
Jac yang pertama kali dicalonkan dalam AIM memenangi empat anugerah itu daripada tujuh kategori yang mencalonkannya atas tiket album keduanya berjudul Gemilang.
Anugerah-anugerah yang dimenangi oleh juara program realiti TV, Malaysian Idol musim pertama itu ialah Artis Baru Terbaik, Album Terbaik, Susunan Muzik Terbaik Di Dalam Lagu dan Album Pop Terbaik.
Sepanjang tahun lalu dan tahun ini, Jac menempa kejayaan yang luar biasa dengan memenangi beberapa pertandingan besar terutamanya di Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-20 dan Anugerah Planet Muzik untuk kategori Penyanyi Wanita Terbaik.
Bagaimanapun, Siti Nurhaliza mengenepikan Jac, Adibah Nor, Anita Sarawak dan Dina menerusi kategori Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Wanita).
Siti Nurhaliza mengungguli kategori itu selama lapan tahun berturut-turut sejak tahun 1999.
Adibah Noor yang menerima enam pencalonan dalam AIM13 tidak berjaya meraih sebarang anugerah pada pertandingan yang menyediakan hadiah berupa trofi kepada para pemenangnya itu.
AIM13 mengejutkan ramai apabila penyanyi baru Shanon menggondol anugerah kategori Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Lelaki) dengan menewaskan Jamal Abdillah, Mus, Rithan dan Hazami.
Selain itu, Ridzuan memenangi kategori Artis Harapan; VE, Persembahan Vokal Berkumpulan Terbaik Di Dalam Album; Too Phat (Kulit Album Terbaik), Dayang Nurfaizah (Rakaman Album Terbaik), Raihan (Album Nasyid Terbaik), Awie (Album Pop Rock Terbaik), May (Album Hard Rock Terbaik), Deja Voodoo Spell (Artis Inggeris Tempatan Baru Terbaik), Padi (Album Indonesia Terbaik) dan Warkah Buat Laila-Zahid (Lagu Terbaik).
Sementara itu, S. Atan dipilih memenangi Anugerah Wirama dan Anugerah Kembara pula diberikan kepada Raihan.
AIM merupakan anugerah yang mengiktiraf hasil penerbitan album-album tempatan dan ia diiktiraf oleh Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Angel Who Could Never Be Mine.

As I sat on the not-very-fashionable chair..looking outside of my 'cc'..suddenly..memories come from nowhere..struck me..and make me thinking about my long-lost-angel..Last Year..I Only Dare to stare her from distance..her innocent face..makes me she the one that i looking for?..if the answer is yes..i would like to meet..n talk to her..have a relationship..and so on..but that,is just one good day-dreaming plan.from lastyear and..until now..i could only stare..without making any move..thinking it will cost me a very fatal heartbreak...I don't know why,before this i don't have any this strange feelings inside my head.Like there is someone put a viagra or pil khayal into my drinks quietly.And now..i keep thinking bout her everyday, and keep blaming about my "malu2kucing-ness syndrom".haih..maybe it would be so-great to have my special ones..but that will not gonna happen..god knows why..maybe because..she's The Angel Who Could Never Be Mine.

You're Beautiful

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye, As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was, Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

License Card

hari ni.aku dpt license card 'p'..yang brmakna..aku ble naik motor dn keter tnpa ragu2 disaman lagi..huahua..sungguh gumbira rase ati ni..walopn gambar dlm lesen tuh agak x brape xpa..janji rawks..hohoh..~;p..

Monday, April 24, 2006

BBQ Reunion Party

23 April 2006

Pd Tarikh tu ade la 1 jamuan reunion class diadakan..well..x ramai yg majlis ttp meriah..memule ade la 1-2 prob.."lambat masak"..yeah..lambat masak..majlis mula kul 3 bbq br mule nk msk kul 2.30..adei..mmg agak lambat la semua yg hadir time tuh nk mrase ayam2 bbq..prempuan2 yg hadir pn..xde la komplen sgt psl ayam msk lambat..diorg semua gelak2 ade le..sib baik la ade si-enol tukang menjadi badut dikala tension utk prmpuan2 tuh..ade la yg snyum..lege skit kteorg..

but then..akhirnye siap gak semua meal..dpt gak merasa ayam2 yang walopn terasa kementahannya(bajet buat nk cepat) bole la tu..sedap la gak..maklumla..ade yg aku masak sndri comment la..haha..then dh makan2 tuh..ade la sesi2..brborak smbil brkenalan..xde la nk ngorat..kire okla..ade gak mmber2 dr skola lain tp asal sini diorg2 tuh la byk ditarget oleh mmber2..maklumla..muke jrg nampak.

Jamuan tuh abis kire2 nak masuk kul 6.00..memule smue segan2 nak cakap ayat ni "ok..dh abis jamuan..sile kemas"..masing2 pikir nk ckp cmne ayat..but then..ntah cmne..kteorg brkemas aje..then the other guest paham2..diorg ikut same kemas..bagus..sng keje kterorg..

well..jamuan ni kinda besh la gak..walopn suasana agak kureng skit..but ok wat..kene la ngan budget ciput..

jike nk tgk byk gmbar jamuan2..ble tgk kt my fotopages..:)ade kt area webbie tuh..comment skali ye.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Great Day n A Pass

Chapter 1 - Great Day

Well..whut cn i say then..this day looks to be great for me...n yeah..coz semua good2 friends yg
se-ati se-limpa se-jantung dtg ke -cc ku ari ni..huhu..x boring la jadinya..havoc ja..semua ade crite masing2 dismping mmbuat lawak2 bodo yg bisa mengeringkan air liur ditekakku ini. huhu. then cm biase la..rutin2 harian yang kiterorg sntiasa buat bile gather together."brmain Half Life"..yeah..sounds pretty boring..but for us..that's nostalgic. dr form 2 lagi.bile kterorg brjumpe je..msti main that game..then smpai la slh sorunk drpd kiterorg jd bosan dn surrender..haih..miss those old times..

Chapter 2 - A 'P'ass

Yeah!..a Pass..that's all I want to shout right now..huhu..A Pass for driving license. finally i got my own driving license. After this there's no more "Mak-Tak-Bagi-Naik-Motor" or the pretty lame "Tak-Ada-Lesen-Lagi" reason for me to face bile nk gune sum vehicle.huh.pretty scary then when JPJ tuh dgn muke ganasnya watch "how-good-am-i-when-driving" bile time tgh test.but's all's a pass...a very good Pass.