Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 : Year of Gain, Lost & End




Just like the other previous years, I do hope for a good luck and better year. 2009 has been good,

2010, don't let me down.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Comic Fiesta 09

New experience gained, great times with the lads, bad times with money.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perihal Bola Sepak Malaysia

Cubalah tanya sesiapa pun manusia yang bergelar warganegara Malaysia, kebanyakannya pasti akan berkata..

"ahh.. pasukan negara kita tak akan maju punya"

Secara lahiriahnya itulah perkara yang mereka akan kata, tetapi secara batiniahnya?

Siapa yang tidak berasa bangga bila melihat pasukan negara mereka berada dalam posisi yang agak 'dihormati' di dunia ini, apa lagi kalau kita berjaya ke Piala Dunia. Tapi siapa lagi yang tidak berasa fed-up jika melihat pasukan mereka bermain tanpa semangat bila ditekan bertubi-tubi oleh pihak lawan tambahan gameplay yang sememangnya berada pada tahap amatur PES 2009?

Bagaimanapun aku agak tertarik dengan pendekatan humble yang diamalkan oleh K.Rajagopal, sasaran utama beliau hanya untuk membawa Malaysia melepasi peringkat kumpulan Sukan SEA. Banyak kritikan yang diberi, tapi lihatlah sekarang?

Aku rasa tujuan beliau mungkin bukan untuk melemahkan semangat pemain negara, tapi mungkin sekadar untuk meringankan beban expectation pemain beliau sahaja, ini pendapat aku, pendapat orang lain mungkin berbeza.

Apapun, aku harap pemain Malaysia akan memberikan tentangan sebaik mungkin esok, aku tak mengharapkan kemenangan, cuma gameplay yang menarik dan semangat juang yang tinggi. Kalau kalahpun biar kalah bermaruah beb.

ps :Aku teringin melihat gameplay bola sepak Malaysia kembali setaraf seperti di bawah,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minggu Kecederaan.

It has been one full week that I am unable to go anywhere on my own. Thanks to a few friends who are willing untuk angkut me dikala aku menyeru kebosanan.

Berhati-hati di jalan raya kawan-kawan jika tidak mahu bosan kerana menunggu luka anda sembuh.

wish me a speedy recovery before this Friday and Saturday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movie Review - Paranormal Activity

I don't want to make much review about the movie, just to inform all of you who seeks for a different 'scary movie' to enjoy(?), this is just the right thing for you.

Note :

1. Watch it on your bedroom with the lights out, leave the door open and if possible ask a couple of friends to join you (but if you want to watch it alone, its okay)
2. Please, please focus on the movie and hold yourself from going anywhere since the movie have a very slow plot at the beginning
3.You will feel like you're watching a porn movie at the beginning.
4. Enjoy.

Extra note :

I went to my friend house to watch this movie together with them only to found myself caught in a minor accident. :)

Overall rating : 3/5

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Movie Review - 500 Days Of Summer

Well, if you're looking to see a slightly different and modern romance story, this is just for you. Not just like another romantic comedy movies, 500 Days of Summer stressed on love, from the male point of view. Like you know, when a girl give you a good signal, it doesn't mean that she's into you that much.

What I do love from this movie are, that the way the plot and every scene goes 'nonlinear' which is quite a hard stuff to do, but the movie delivers it well. Also the comparison between before and after and yes, the 'expectation and reality' stuff.(this scene is good). Also, the mood and feels that was put into every scene are very well delivered that it makes me feel like I'm that guy, I'm in his world and again, yes, I do feel a bit feel depressed for a while (This is why I didn't really watch much romantic lovey dovey movies).

But strictly advised for guys 'yang-baru-putus-cinta-tepuk-sebelah-tangan-tak-berbunyi'. This movie is not for you if you wanted to move on. But if you do want to watch it, please hold yourself til the end, because the movie ending is not that bad at all. :)

ps: I have to admit yang aku seperti melihat cermin diri sendiri di dalam cerita ini

Overall rating : 3.5 / 5

Maybe I'm the few ones over here who didn't think that the movie really gives a huge impact on me.

Zooey Deschanel Meter(haha) : 4 /5

I don't know what's up with Zooey that almost everyone drool over her. But I had to admit, in this movie, she's something , and she delivers her character well.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

LIMA 09' Langkawi

The feeling of going to the Langkawi for working purpose is totally different than going there for vacation.

ps: tak berpeluang mandi laut pun. damn.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Memang ianya selalu akan menjadi satu 'masaalah' jika kamu masih tak dapat melupakan perkara masa lepas dan asyik melihat serta berfikir dari suatu sudut yang jauh, berseorangan.

ps: yea, aku sengaja tambah 'a'

Friday, November 27, 2009


thanks to Eman Mainan

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 6

Part 6 : Hello, Goodbye

This semester was THE MOST relax+gila+babih semester. 2 subjects, 9 credit hours, nothing is better than this, I'm free most of the time and able to go back to Shah Alam every week!

but of course that thought last only for one month. The research subject is not as easy as I think it were because for our research proposal only, we need to redo for up to 5-6 times or maybe more (actually I forgot how many time that we need to re-do the research proposal) and also there are a few things coming up after that.

Working on the montage for the KOMED AGM(hari bersara/meletakkan jawatan). Below is the final product.

The KOMED. I've learn a lot together with these people and if there's any chance in the future I would like to work together once again with you guys in the future.

The class that I'll never forget. I guess I'll be missing some of you guys in the future.

From Suria FM to the never ending fulus problem. Hafiz absence from the group left us with a task to find a suitable new members for our research group. Thank god, Adam and Jannah are willing to join our group.

Together we've been through many things during the research period. ERA FM didn't give a huge favor for us on giving gift or goodies bags for the exhibition but they helped us with the interview and with that, our research interview process went smoothly as planned, except for a few misunderstanding at the beginning.

I will always remember on the every dilemma and problems that we encounter in preparation for the exhibition, fulus problem, goodies bag, masalah itulah masalah inilah.But despite all of the hurdle, I'm glad that we're able to overcome all those things ourselves. Thanks to each of our member willingness to sacrifice their money and time, we've completed all the task that has been given to us.

The final class BBQ party.
The Viva, our final destination and our final meeting as one class.

Goodbye Malacca, hello ___________(tidak boleh letak tempat lagi sebab result kemasukan masih tak keluar).

The End.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 5

Part 5 : Carry That Weight

This is by far, the toughest semester I've ever been into. There are 5 major assignments that need to be done and thanks to Komed, there are more things to worry about.

Anugerah Juara Lagu <-- gila best, we actually been there for two days, first for the rehearsal and on the second day, live and yeah, we're among the first audience to watch the Faizal Tahir membalas dendam punya performance sebab kena ban.
Masscomm induction, it's fun and rasa besar kepala sikit(tak besar sgt la pun) since you're the senior and one of the komed members, so in order for them to pass the induction, they will need to find you and get your signature and all...(tapi ada yang tak ikut pun =.=)
I've always looking forward to this semester because of this, the audio video subject. My true desire would be on making a short film, but somehow, luck wasn't by my side and I had to do the documentary after all. At first I was a bit demotivated, but after a few times working on the script and the subject, I think making documentary was not bad at all, plus it enlighten you of the thing you didn't know. With the help of the committed crew members, we manage to finish the documentary and it was well received by the lecturer and other students. Despite all that, I think if we have more time and budget, the finished product should be a lot better than this.
FESKOM 2009. I've never ever ever be a project leader for an event before and one day, the advisor told me

"Izzul, I think you are the right candidate to handle this annual event"

and since nobody has propose to me to manage an event, I think I was in shock on that time and unexpectedly my mouth speak of itself,

"um... boleh kot.."

yes, just like that. Until now I'm still thinking

why did I accept such an offer on this hellish semester?

Realizing that Feskom is no small event, I've worked my ass off everyday to make sure everything goes in place. Yes, there are some controversies and all, but luck was in my side as the event took off successfully. I would like to send my thanks to all the mt's who involve, I think without all of you, the event will not be as successful as it were. As to any people whom I hurt(emotionally) throughout the event, I owe you an apology. This is my first time being a project leader for such an event and I could not escape from making a mistake. I'm sorry.

and I still remember this

"I takut taw tengok muka you time feskom tu, pressure je"

I'm sorry too. ;)
The fantastic four still going strong this semester, however things didn't go like we always want it to be, Hafiz made a decision to withdraw from the group because he said he need to experience working with other people and we understand that,

things wouldn't be the same again after that though,

to be continue~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say Goodnight, part 4

Part 4 : A Long Way To The Top

I thought that, I would have a chance to be a bit lad back this semester since there were only three days of class, but I didn't. There are a lot of work to be done too and somehow, I've gotten used to it day by day.
The assignments.

The Festival Film Malaysia, with Shirin's magic, we are able to sneak ourselves into the 'Majlis Pasca FFM' and met a lot of artist there.(haha)

The never ending class raya trip.and this, will change my life on the next two semester. :)

to be continue~