Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lemang awaits!

Two days before raya and I already can smell the taste of Rendang and the tasty Lemang taste~

It's raya! heh, how can I forget this day? This is the only day where me, a person who's rarely showed up during relatives kenduri and the family meeting to meet all my cousin and other families.

Yeap2, I'm the person who's not close with my cousin and relatives, and I still remember during last raya, I only knew that my cousin already has a son and thats mean

'aik? aku dah ade anak sedare? aku dh jadi pakcik? since when?'

but still they're cute and I'm happy to be their pakcik eventhough the word 'pakcik' really makes me feel old.

'Aku x tua lagi la!'

But hey! this is raya and this is the day where all of those nostalgic feeling struck into me, especially when hearing the raya takbir on the morning of the first raya.

'I miss my late grandmother..'

I'm a bit old to receive duit raya since i'm already 19. But still, I hope this raya would be a very2 memorable raya for me.Truly.

finally to all my friends and to every people who knows me, I'm sorry if I make any kind of mistakes and did bad things to you all, I'm only a normal person who doesn't have any special power to 'not-do' any mistakes or have any 'spider-sense' to sense what would I do wrong next.

Minta Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Mohd Izzul Iswat.

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