Thursday, July 05, 2007

back to Melaka.

Today will be the last day of my full holiday.I will be going to Melaka on 4.00 pm(maybe) tomorrow.gosh, It feels like yesterday I've started my holiday. I really hope this new semester will bring me a lot of fun than 1st semester.

Everyone! see ya in Melaka.

ps: I hope our course suddenly need to change to shah alam.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I have watch it!

and it was a good experience. I think this movie has the most spectacular effect that I have ever seen. I love it when the car change into the robot. This kind off thing like pulling us into the childhood again. Where that time transformers series was so damn famous and we always remember the show time and stick in front of TV for half an hour to watch the robot that surely fit with our child imagination that time. There were some humor on this movie that easily make the audience laugh at it. I even heard some people clap their hand and say 'Woahhh'(I 'woah-ed' too) when the robot transform and fighting.In the end, surely I am satisfied with the movie :).

ops I forgot about the heroin. She's HAWT!

To all my fellow friend I've already finished the trailer for our next movie - Cuak!. Watch it and please give me a comment will ya?

Trailer 1 - Cuak! Jangan Pandang Belakang Parody

Trailer 2 - Cuak! Cicakman Parody