Thursday, May 31, 2007


Like usual, after the 'jual-beli' session done i will usually says thank you and give the customer a smile seikhlas yg mampu. and today, I don't know why, two vietnam girl suddenly talk to me with their own language(which i didn't understand sepatah haram pun) and then they both 'gelak2 sinis'. it because of my smile?

sometimes I hope I can understand every language that exist on this world and one of the best advantages is --> I can watch any movies as I can without subtitles help.(mostly japanese)

Talking bout subtitle, I remember one pirates movie I bought from the pasar malam and like usual it was pathetic, the subtitle(which is in malay) was so 'gile tak betul' and when I try to understand what they're saying, I can't because I kept on reading the gile-tak-betul subtitle.

so the fact is so damn true.

--> most viewer spend time reading subtitle more then watching the scene.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My family will go for a vacation at Langkawi today, except me. The reason is simple, they book a ticket with thought that today i'm still at U. ok, there we goes, a 3 bujang days! yeay! but still, many things need to take care of, like my family cybercafe, i need to do the opening and closing by myself(bluergh)...and yet I need to feed all my cute cats at home that usually ran away when they see me(urghh).

But nevermind then, lets hope nothing bad will happen during these 3 days and yeah I've a few plan to make with fique(a friend) about our new short-film project, 'Chuak : Jangan Usha Belakang' we still need to think further about the script and hope that everything would be so damn ok during the project.

ps: who want to participate on our project? raise ur hand!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I've watched too many drama and movie this week.Most of them is japanese drama. I've been attached to this drama -> 'Dragon Sakura' . It was a very good drama and the main actor is so damn kakkoi(cool).There are movies like 'SAW 1,2,3' that attracts me from start until the beginning. I'm not interested on the bloody2 scene on this movie, it's the storyline of this story that caught my eyes. The way JigSaw(the killer) created the game for his victim is very cool and he always gives his victim a way to escape.

I love when he say this word -> Game Over. that's cool.

ps: Farah oredi say that she's like 'cam-dah-tau-je' her sociology result. And i was like, aiseman Farah, ko tambah pressure la..haha.

good luck to all dmc1d students. may we all get a very 'unbelievableriarr~~'(japanese slang) result

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've started playing Ragnarok again today, after maybe a few year I left this game. This online game is very memorable because me and my friend used to play it like when we are form 3.
Its been a while then.

Liverpool is losing, and last night i predicted that liverpool will lose 2-1. And guess what?..they really lost to Milan by two goal. its 2-1..:D

LIVERPOOL WON ONLY CHARITY SHIELD THIS SEASON.<-- yeah, only the charity shield.

Monday, May 21, 2007


YOSHH!! I've watched sumo-lah and for me it was good. A very good effort from Afdlin Shauki, the director. He puts a lot of 'perli' saying about the differences of the malay and japanese and many things. I remember a few of his word like

"She know how to play an ancient instrument and I didn't"

"What is a malay music instrument actually?"

The story is quite 'meleret' in the middle of the story and there is some part that is un-explainable like the Sumo Sensei 'Honda-san' goes to japan to meet Toshi, his old pal.At Japan they learn many thing about Sumo and finally when they go back to Malaysia I wonder

"I don't see any Toshi."

maybe Afdlin want to keep it secret or what i don't know, also when the story closely comes to an end, there was a women(known as Radhi Khalid wife) suddenly appear.

Another thing is, Siti, act by the thailand famous actress( I don't remember her name) need to practise more on her Malay language, it's like "cakap sbijik2" when she talks in Malay.

With all those thing, This story is still considered as good for me. Afdlin tried to make a differences and he does well this time. This is really not like a typical Malay movie, this is different.The Diamond Sushi sumo team,acted by Gurmit(PCK) and other two actor who i didn't know is cool and when seeing them I remembered a few scene from the old hollywood movies entitled "Karate Kid". I love the last part where the real Sumo-match started, with Hasbullah Awang as the match commentator the match looked alive. Forget the Sampah prof movie, forget the 'full-of-police' yusof haslam movie, this is the movie to watch.

I rate 3 1/2 out of 5

Sunday, May 20, 2007


ManUtd lose to Chelsea on FA Cup last nite,

I don't blame manutd much this time because they did well and the match is kind off interesting. It's just the team is unlucky. Don't worry, EPL is already in our hands. I just hate the chelsea big mouthed supporters who talks big about their team . Influenced by moarinho?(i dun care if i ter-typo his name)


After the match finished,like usual various of message comes to me and you already know why are they sending the message at this kind of time.

"Ape ni manutd kalah, wat malu je~."


we already won the EPL and liverpool& Arsenal still won none, Chelsea just won the FA.

ops forgive me liverpool fans, ur team already won the charity shield and the upcoming European Champions League final <--x tentu lagi..i wish ur team lose badly

I go home and ended up watching movie entitled 'Just Friends'.

jiwang sial.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Chapter 1 : Nasyeed
Like usual, holiday time is maybe a working time for me, I will sit in front of the pc and started surfing, playing games and everything that a normal people usualy do. From 11.00 am till 8 or 7 pm, that's how long I 'dok mengadap pc' everyday.

Tired of this thing, i decided to call my brother to replace me at the cc. I felt like playing basketball now.

Yeah, basketball, the only sport I'm good at.

Then I ask my brother to replace me, but he's busy with his nasyeed.

Yeah, nasyeed, I used to join nasyeed and represent my school. and yeah,it's memorable. I learn many things about vocal and group harmonies. From Bass to high pitch, high note, acapella and much more.I'm a Bass voice.

Our group is like 'satu kapla' so there isn't much problem about not having a chemistry or the 'i-don't-like-you' thingy. It's really fun everytime we do a show and our voice combined together perfectly(sometimes we spoil) .

My lil-brother will be singing the nasyeed on Teachers day soon. And they swill be performing a song entitled 'Terima Kasih Guru' by Mirwana. My nasyeed group planned to sang that song during teachers day during our time. But because of the 'pihak atasan' problem. We couldn't performed that song. haih.

Chapter 2 : Afdlin Shauki Dillema

I found something interesting at Afdlin Shauki website today, he ask for his fans and people who haven't seen and interested to watch his new movie entitiled 'sumo-lah' to go watch his movie and invite as many friends as they can.

The reason is :

Afdlin said : It seems that the cinemas are telling us that their collection is quite low for the movie Sumolah and GSC has even applied for sumolah to be taken off its programming just after four days being shown. This is so wierd for a movie which has received many amazing good reviews and has been marketed beyond months. I am really stumped.

You can see full review at

I felt bad for him because like he said, the movie has received many good reviews but I think maybe the time was not on his side. It's May, an exam month, and a 'blockbuster' month too(spidey,shrek n pirate)

I'm eager to watch his movies and I hope the movie is good and luck is on his side. Amin.

'Kerenah Birokrasi' I suppose.

urgh, the sociology theory again

Monday, May 14, 2007

ManUtd the EPL champions!

yes!..and manutd is the champions. goodbye liverpool, goodbye arsenal and yeah..GOODBYE CHELSEA, we've won. next week is the FA Cup final, and really, manutd must win this to give chelsea a very shameful season.
They spent a millions just to win a small carling cup? that's laughable. :P

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok, there is still 2 days left before my last paper, and everybody seems to be packing and ready to go home. Damn~..

be patient ezul ....fiooooOoOgh~

ps: may the force be with me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shattered European Dreams

ok, yesterday i watched spidey and i think i don't want to wrote about it today because I haven't got any mood. My mood is all down when seeing my team, ManUtd lose to AC Milan on their European Champions League Semi. It's not because of the lost factor that makes my mood down, it's the factor of their gameplay that irritates me.

Against a team like Milan, ManUtd should keeps their possession and pass the ball around wisely, also they need to create a chance and finish it clinically. But they just don't do that, the possession was bad and the passing is all messed up. I just frustrated to see the United defenders failed to keep their composure and mark the Milan player tightly, and the result of that, Kaka,Seedorf and Gillardino all manage to score their goal for their team. A goal that will not happen if ManUtd on their true forms. I just don't know what is happening to ManUtd players last night, but the match yesterday sure make United looks pathetic.

After the score, I've received a bunch of message that have a different phrase,words and wutever they called it with just one meaning

"ManUtd lost, and we happy to send you a message telling you that result eventhough it's freakin early in the morning and we don't have much sleep"

But still, it's only one title, ManUtd still have the doubles waiting for them.I simply started to hate Italian side after last night, but I need to give my support to them in the final to make sure Liverfool fans would not celebrate anything that night and end the season, empty handed.hahah!

ps : To all people who just hate ManUtd eventhough they don't watch football --> Fork you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mayat Hidup.

ok, it's still exam weeks now, and i'm at home sitting in front of the pc freely without a book on my side. It's good then, because last two week i felt like a living corpse or in BM they called it Mayat Hidup. Books books books and books~.damn! exam is one thing i hate. argh~

Spidey! yeah today is the spidey day~ all cinemas i think would be packed with people, and what am i doing here? oh yeah. I know, i am the people who got no money and time to go to the 'wayang~' gosh~..nvm then`..i wil surely have my time after this freakin exam is over.:D

a self-made poster i made. thx to the people who co-operate :)