Sunday, February 28, 2010


Doesn't matter.

It's you that matter.

ps: yes, sila pukul saya kerana mencuri gambar.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Aku rindu masa ini, zaman bila kita hanya tahu bereksperimentasi dan buat sahaja apa kita suka tanpa kira continuity dan cara berlakon yang betul.

just pure fun.

rakan-rakan! mari shooting satu lagi short macam ini bila cuti ya?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hari Bercinta.

So what's up with all this Valentine's hype?

"bosanlah 14hb, ada nombor 'mati' pulak tuh"

If I have the power to change the date and history, maybe I would put the date on 8th August instead of 14th February.
Baru ada luck beb.

and then the history would be like there is this lovers who are in love so much that they swear not to be apart from each other. But somehow, along the way, their love was not supported by both sides parents because of the 'darjat' issue. The lovers couldn't do anything because they have to obey their parents plus, the parents on the girl side plans to marry their daughter to some rich ass family son, so that their company can merge and be more succesful than ever.
The lovers can't take the facts that they have to be set apart, thus they've poisoned themselves and then dies side by side, holding hands and smiling, even after they're dead.


Kan Cliche! baru feeling sikit nak sambut 'valentine's' kan since history dia mudah saja mahu faham.

and after that, maybe I would create a special day for single people, which is on

4th April.

ps: entry merepek, sila bertahan.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Respect the Passion.

Lect : jadi apa yang mendorong kamu untuk ambil course ini?

Manusia x : Entah, result SPM bukan bagus sangat pun, dan course ini nampak mudah dan orang kata tak banyak kerja pun, jadi saya ambil lah.

Honesty is a good thing,

but telling this kind of honest thing in front of the class is not what you call, a good thing to do.

Dear Manusia X, 

When you state that thought of yours, it is not only you have stated that you are the kind of guy who doesn't have any targets or ambition in your life but you are also offending people who are taking the course too. I feel offended, I don't know about the rest of the class, but I DO feel offended. Man, I do really know that you didn't have the passion to learn almost anything, but you don't need to channel your thoughts to other people-lah. I have passion, and I take this course as a platform for me to learn almost everything that I wanted to achieve my ambition. Well, although there are some subject that I found like "kenapa aku belajar menda ni?" but still, 

some thoughts are meant to be kept inside your head.
I hope you will find your way back, I'm sure that once upon a time on your earlier life, you too have your own passion and ambition to strive for.