Sunday, May 28, 2006

Miserable Morning

I had a Miserable morning today.When I woke up from my deep sleep,everything turns out to be normal,until when looking at my table and realize that my 'purse is missing!! arghh..why must this thing happens to me.There are 2 important things beside money in my purse!..and that is my I/C and my License card!..argh...I search and I search dr ruang yg smpit smpai ke ruang yg luas..and yeah..I found nothing except dust.haih.Really..this is so-so much of my miserable morning.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I was back here again,sitting in front of my 'close-computer-friends' working here again..and yeah..everything turns out to be normal again after my 4 Good-Days vacation at Langkawi.
Cuti kali ni penuh dgn mandi-manda..asal jumpe spot je,mandi.jumpe je mandi..hehe..sampai the whole face and body getting darker than ever..dah mcam org laut tepi pantai dh kulit ni..huehue..
Percutian kali ni..ntahla..malas nk describe..tgk la sneak peek sskit..:)

Ready Bus Ke Kuala Perlis

Pose Excited!

Helang Kebanggaan

Great Waterf alls~

Dan Mcam2 lagi..more pics ble tgk kt My Photo Album..usha2 la ye..:)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Langkawi Trip!!

Hoho..The trip will be started tonight.Naik bus je..xde air asia nyer..well,rase x sabar jgak nk pgi..mcam2 mende kiterorg x confirm lg..sume nk take risk je bile smpai sane..standed gne walk in je..carik2 chalet..tgk reger brpatutan ke x..then trus msk..maklumla..bkan time cuti..rasenye x ramai org..and harap2 x ramai la kan.Well trip ni pn maybe trip last kiterorg sblm sumenye separated going to the different U.Then slps tu..maybe susah kiterorg nk brjumpe..kalo jumpe pn..ade la dlm cuti2 sem..tu pun kalo jumpe.haih..papepun..hrp2 trip kali ni xde pape kesulitan brlaku..happy2 ja sume.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Champions OF Europe Decided And A The Day Shines Once More

Chapter 1 - Barca'mpion'lona
Finally one of my favourite teams in europe won the Champions League Last Night,beating Arsenal 2-1 at the Stade de France stadium in Paris.I missed that match following the "total ngantuk" that struck me suddenly when I was bored waiting for the match to begins.Dissapointed really,but finally it paid off when hearing Barcelona won that match.A Sol Campbell header leads Arsenal by a goal to nil at the first half,following by a split decision by referee giving Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann a red card for pulling "i dun remember the player" leg outside the penalty box.Ronaldinho really doesnt perform well that night.He doesnt posses many 'magic' that night,maybe being tightly marked by Arsenal defender,he unable to move freely and do some 'his' things.At the 2nd half Barca started to shock Arsenal when a goal by samuel eto'o equalize the score to 1-1.Sooner then,Belleti put Barca ahead 2-1 and the scored stay until the last 90.00.Barca won the champions league.

ps:oh I forgot,Henry did some of his magic footing too..but the luck is not on his side last night.

Chapter 2 - Unikl! Finally!

2 days before I check the internet and found something really shocking.


really happy right now! :D:D:D:D

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Triple Frustration the UPU result..which means this result will tell u if u pass or not to the University.As for me.This result ruined my whole day.First, mntak tolong to my friend utk tanyekan my UPU result because time 12 tengahari result yg ditunggu2 x kuar2 jugak kat internet.So after that...she called me..and give me sum bad news

"sorry dik..awk x dpt memane course..adik akak ni ha pn x dpt mane2 course..jangan sedey ye...ble wat rayuan lagi"

Me then, face turned sad...I feel frustrated..but then..i go to search the result for myself..x puas ati sngguh ni..then when i manage to get thru the "busy-giler" server..i got this so-so frustrated message.

"Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2006/2007
After seeing these words..i said to myself."Kenape cmni?..adekah aku kn jadi penonton kpd kejayaan org lagi?..spt yg brlaku sblm ni..spt time result spm?..spt time result matriks dn temuduga? if yes..why?"..
but other self speak.."be patient..ade 3 peluang lagi..yakni form 6,unikl dn politeknik..lagipun ade 2nd take for U"..
yeah..there is a chance..but i dont to be in form 6..segan siot..mmg tu major factor..lgpun baju2 nya pn aku blum beli..haih..then..the 2nd take..heh..should i wait that long?..argh..penantian itu 1 penyeksaan...aku smemangnya 'cold' gile after that..mmg x ble bla..really hope yg unikl and politeknik will give me some place..really..need it..
i juz dun want tobe another spectator.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The End Of EPL Season

Chapter 1 - Manutd secured their 2nd place

After a draw n lose manutd finally got their final win they needed to secured their 2nd place.I was a bit scare at the beginning worrying that manutd will lose because Rooney dont play.Then ferguson put a shocking lineup by using Italian Teenager Rossi upfront with Louis Saha rather than R.V.Nistelrooy.1st half display look's good. A lot of good pass made,held the possession wisely..and put a pressure to opposing team.All three manutd players Louis Saha,Richardson and Ronaldo got thei target to the goal and 1 unlucky charlton player also put his into the scoreboard by scoring his own goal.The result 4-0.

Chapter 2 - Highbury and Henry Final Match?

Although I am not an Arsenal Fan myself but I do really wanted to see the final farewell from Arsenal Fans and player to their old stadium named Highbury.The team will move to the new Emirates Stadium so the old stadium...I dunno will be what then..maybe they will give it to the 2nd or 3rd division team?..i dunno..The Arsenal match against wigan looked interesting with the home fans wearing 'Red and White' to show the symbolic Arsenal Jersey colours.Henry I think was the man of the match.He scored his hat-trick on that day..there was a lot of rumours about him leaving Arsenal this summers..the biggest rumours is he will go to he 'Catalan Barcelona' ..maybe that is his final match with Arsenal?..Time will tell.

Friday, May 05, 2006


huhu..22nd Mei. Me and other friends decided to go to Langkawi.Many things to do then.Buy a bus ticket,book a we all busy looking for a good chalet to stay in when the day we at Langkawi.We all decided to search a chalet near to the beach..when we were looking..and looking..and looking ...finally....we couldn't the chalet we wanted to every people who knows about Langkawi very well..please help me find a chalet near Cenang Beach please..if u do know about 'Semarak Beach and Resort' chalet..I hope u all can message me and give the chalet numbers..

ps:msg me - or just comment the blog here..:)~


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Unlucky ManUtd

Middlesbrough -0

Manutdwere unlucky these past few weeks..after a horrible lost against Chelsea.Come another horrible draw against Middlesbrough.Seems like Rooney absence is the main factor of this draw.
manutd got a few good chances at this of them is when a penalty given. But then..ruud van nistelrooy missed the penalty horribly at the wrong time and at the wrong pace. Well..really i hope the match against charlton wouldn't be this bad.if manutd got a draw or lose again..the 2nd spot will be taken by liverfool and that's very not good at all..