Thursday, June 30, 2011

and they say

without motivation, you will be weak, no matter how strong and intelligent you are.

I second that.

so I will motivate myself yet again,
with dreams and objective.
so that I can prove the world to the fact that,

can really kick that Goliath ass.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

epic ride.

It has been fun. so fun that I forgot, I left some of my stress-stuff hover around this space.
yeah, the dilemma of academic writing is done. long ago.
I just write it away and send what I think is best.
the result is quite okay, but not enough to make me smile.

but it's okay.
considering that this last two month is the best months in my life this year.
friends, works, and activities, endless fun.
made me smile once more.

but the fun made not to last,
this will end soon,
and I will start the journey on another world.
full with unknown possibilities.

I feel like staying.
but staying limit my thoughts.
so I'll go and experience things on the other side,
even though they say life is hard over there,
but I will deny that,
in order to grow and reach what I thought is the top.