Sunday, April 26, 2015

ripped away.

It takes me two and a half year, to actually realize that she is it.

It takes a one way ticket, no return.
It takes a boarding hall... and her walking away.

"for a better life", she said.

It is not like a movie, when the hero realize that she is it, he ran barging into the security, asking his love to come back, to change her mind.

It is simply not like that.

It is like, me, standing still, watching her walk away.
just like that.

Things will be different, and I know it will be.

this is not yet a good bye, I wish this is just a phase,

I wish to work for us to happen.

Monday, April 20, 2015


is only a dream if you do nothing.
It takes work, sacrifice and a whole lot of patience.

but patience also, have its limit.

I wonder, will my patience ran out?

Saturday, April 11, 2015


times, clock.

Awaiting for answer that will decide the whole plot.

Life plot.

During time like this, truly I learn how valuable life is,
taken for granted everytime.

I wonder how will I react to the answer,

If it is good, will I appreciate life, or forget its value after a while?

If it is not,
Will I have the strength to receive it?

Saturday, April 04, 2015


The road you take, is equipped with risk.
You only have one timeline, just one, just once.

I am on my path, the best I think, but somehow,
I slipped and took the ones with risk.

I wonder will I be able to get out cleanly,
or my timeline will ends prematurely.

Since a child, I've planned to sit myself with the greats.
Those who take the best roads, and ends their timeline with fame and greats.

Those people cherish throughout time,

I want to be that,
but the road is not always straight, 
mine seems to be bumpy, and I have fallen...few times.

I wonder will I be long,
or just be a dot in a past, forgotten by mankind..
those who didn't take their chance.

We only have one timeline, just one, just once.
It is up to us, to me, to make it great...

or be forgotten.

I wish I am given chance again.