Sunday, March 30, 2014

tinjau balik kenangan.

Mengenang balik masa lampau, dan kisah ramai mengenai Cameron Highlands.

Jika ada rezeki, aku ingin bermastautin di sini.

Itupun jika keadaan masih kekal seperti kini.

Monday, March 03, 2014

happy for a friend.

I met a friend last few weeks,

In our every meeting, for almost two years, this is her main topic of conversation.

"I'm worried, I have tried and met many guys, but nothing is working"

and, of course, on our every meeting, this is my replies,

"Insya Allah you will met a good man"

"Don't rush into things, try to cherish every moments when you met a man, even if it turns out to be bad"

She take the advice, and smiles.

though I can see it in her eyes, she didn't really take the advice into her hearts.

It's pitiful, she really wants it,
a life with real relationship,
where it ends with marriage.

and she wants it soon,
or I think now actually.

I helped her with ways I could,
giving her motivation that she needed,

After a few weeks,
she said she is getting married.

I'm happy.