Tuesday, November 30, 2010

time machine.

If a genius or a genie comes and ask me,

I can grant you any wish and give you anything, and now what is your wish sir?

I would ask for a time machine.
yes, a time machine.

you can say, hey! why not the money? why not the women? why not the status?

I'd say, with the machine, I can get all those three things.
Plus, I could change the history, I could be a spectator of World War 2. I can tell Hitler what's coming before him, I can prove the existence of Hang Tuah and the most important things.

I can change what I've done wrong in the past so that I'll not be stuck like this. Stuck like this!

But. I know, there will be no genius nor genie that will ever come to me. This is reality.
Life is like a twisted movie, like the RPG games. You can never expect what's coming in front of you. All you can do is to speculate, and prepare for anything.
So that you will survive.

I've survived,  so far.