Friday, May 30, 2008

Yumecolors New Project

New short parody coming up, :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sudden photo task

Yesterday, I've been asked to handle a modeling photo session for my friend punye brother. It was my first time handling the modeling photo session, and it was fun tho. :D

Monday, May 26, 2008

musical weekend

I've spent last weekend with music.

Situated at Fique's uncle house(yes, his uncle ade studio dlm rumah), our objective is to improve ourselves and to master a few songs. That is, ride on shooting star - the pillows and follow me - beat crusaders.

After two days, the mission is half accomplished,we weren't practising the 'ride on shooting star' songs but, during the jamming session suddenly we've created a new song ourselves. The title is still not confirmed yet but I'll promised you to post our songs on my next post.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Champions Of Europe.

Done that, been there. Rainy weather really gives ManUtd luck last night. Giving them the third European Champions League trophies in the club history also marked the tribute for Busby Babes legends 50 years ago.

Ronaldo scored a first goal with a beautiful header only to be leveled by Lampard lucky goal . Overall, the game looks well balance with ManUtd dominating the field on the first half of the game. In the second half, Chelsea come back and balanced up the game until penalty. The momentum of the game is mostly distrupted by the "sikit-sikit sakit" attitude by players mostly chelsea(yeah, I'm being bias) and also with a sudden "gaduh" by Drogba and Vidic because of a silly throw in misunderstanding. Drogba really deserve the red cards tho (Daddy tak bias..hehe).

We've won!!!!!

"I said before the game that you’re only really considered a great player at this club when you win the Champions League. There have been a lot of top players to play for the club, but to be revered by the fans and everyone associated with United by becoming a European champion sets you apart from others."
Rio Ferdinand

Whatever happens, ManUtd done a very good job by ending this season with double trophy and that is a good achievement.The boys of 08' will truly be remembered like the 99' does. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Strong mouth.

This thing happens like 10 minutes ago, and I found it interesting.

"me : ey, kamu blum bayar

girl customer : dah la, tak ingat ke tadi saye bayar time ramai2 tadi?

me : *pandang atas, kiri,kanan, try nk igt balik, and then trigt, oh ya die dh bayar time ramai customer td, x prasan die bayar coz nk manage
many things*

girls customer trus mngomel sorang,

girl customer : eyyyy, kang ada yang kene lempang kang"

Ops, lempang? ok, it was my mistake and clumsiness, but the word she say is, a bit harsh for a women/girl tho. Plus, I think she's younger than me, like 16 or 15 years of age. If I were a bad guy, she would be in trouble, but lucky for her, I'm a nice guy(or so I suppose).

"me : ok takpelah.

girl customer : *kept mengomel and left*

girls these days, aih.

Kaisouki Matsuri, Nilai.

It was yesterday, to release all the tension we've got, and to hang out far away after last we did it for like, 3 month ago. @_@.

The event this time was good,cool,calm and the event committee is all friendly(I was attracted to one of the cute committee there). They also gives the online games cd and a few magazine(gempak,starz) to all people who comes. But with all of that, somehow this cosplay event lacks of excitement. There are few people coming and also there is a few cosplayer to look at. I think some of the event committee may recognize our face because we are one of a few people who stayed on the event until it ends. It was because three of my friends was cosplaying and there is one of them joins the cosplay competition. However it was enjoyable plus tiring.=_=

Hail to the Kaisouki Matsuri coolest cosplayer, Mr Anonymous.

All set and ready

The cosplayer alongwith the event manager,committee and so on

I dun noe what they're cosplaying, but they're surely cute.

Afro duo.

"Kite bermasalah sebab kite tak kaye.." my friend said.

The Ichigo guy, I think I've meet him somewhere


Lufy Lofi,Lufi,Luffy, I forgot his name.

The cosplayer competition participant

If u're good, you will spot the ichigo guy and the lufi or luffy or whatever his name guy.

The winners of the cosplay competition

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silly Dialog

Yesterday evening, there was this funny TV drama melayu dialog. If I'm not mistaken, the title of the drama was 'Bella' or something yang ade kene mengenelah.

"Unknown Datin - (*^**%%#%^#%^$^(I dun remember what she say)"
"Evil woman - Woi! kau dah kene ikat, nak mati, pun nak cakap Bahase Inggeris lagi ke!!??"

Haha. The director of this drama may don't have any intend to do any joke since the drama was serious i think.

And my pc suddenly infected by the spyware which I don't know where it comes from, and until now, I'm still battling with those spyware to revive my beloved pc. demn.

suggest me with a good anti spyware software, anyone?

Monday, May 12, 2008

1,2,3 go!

The final exam is over, the semester is over,
It's time to move forward! to live a good life this holiday.
Like usual, online everyday, meeting friends, making movies and improving myself in music.

credits to

and hey, Manchester United won the league yesterday for the second time in two years, that's good and more, there is Uefa Champions league final coming up. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Shooting for the CUAK, using simple old camera due to budgets problem

For the next Yumecolors(known as Belacan films before) movie project, Fique, my film project mate told me that he has already wrote a story for our next film, and he said this time it's simple and we may using love as our theme. In my mind,I was like "love? you better convince me well this time mate". But then after a few minutes of talking and hearing how the plot and storyline will goes throughout the love theme, I couldn't agree more and I really hope that we can really be on a good path on creating a good short film after a few trial. Also, I'll be working hard to ensure that our workpiece this time will have a good result in editing, camera works(despite we still have a problems with budget and all). The quality of acting also will be monitored(that's fique job) to ensure that actor and actress don't look like a "patung kayu pinnochio".

That's all, may we all have a good holiday! Amin.

The One Forty Four AM.

Lately, I've been drowning into the fake fantasies
which I've never want to be involved with.
It was good, for a moment.
Until I realize that,

I still can't forget and throw away the feeling,
of missing an old fantasies, which is true, and never fake.
An old fantasies that is once haunting me every night and day.
And now, it is still haunting me wherever I go,
no matter how hard I try, to smile, to smile,

I don't care about people questioning my status,
or even tried to change it.
Fake fantasies never satisfy me.
I hope one day my old fantasies will be true,
and when it does,
the fantasies will shines my day, everyday,
and makes my smile, smiles.

Thursday, May 01 2008, 1.45 am.

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