Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 - A New Hope

Today is the last day of 2006,a year that brings me sadness n happiness,a year that taught me a lot of thing about life,a year where most of bad incident happening to me,and also a year that saw me become a more better n mature person.

But I could not deny that this year is one of my bad year throughout my young life.
First in March I got a very dissapointing SPM result that making me looking all gloom and un-spirited for a week.Next,I've failed to enter the IPTA 1st intake, and then my most beloved granny past-away on June.

Eventhough this year is kinda bad,it really teach me how to be a person on this 'dramatic' world.

So this is the last entry,goodbye 2006,Hello 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A New Path

Chapter 1 : T.R.A.P vacation

the T.R.A.P refers to Telaga Air Panas,or hot springs or geiser or whutsoever people call it,last saturday if i'm not mistaken,a friend of mine suddenly come and ask me

"ko esok nk join tak gi mandi sungai?",

n my reply is short.."bole gak"..

he said that his mom wants him to invite any friends so that the vacation would be much more fun.And that sunday(tomorrow after that day) there we go,with other 3 fellow friends .On the way to the destination he say,

"wey,smlm aku igt sungai,rpenye kite ni pgi telage air panas"

and we all replied "whut the heck!? kiterorg igt pgi sungai congkak ke,memane sg. yg sejuk"

then he replied "aku mane tau ma,ari ni mak aku baru bgtau"

then again we all just go,thinking that the place may be not bad at all,and when we arrive there,after 2 hours,seeing that our thought is right,the place really not bad at all.

Eating process


Chapter 2 : A New Path.

Starting 2 jan,i will walking into the new life,away from my 'old' unikl ~i will be entering uitm on that day,and all I hope is that this new life will bring me more good memories and more fun than the old place.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Call in Repek-king day~

Today life is bored again,maybe because i've been sitting in this chair in front of my pc for hours.I've been thinking again and again~ "whut to do aa this sem-break?"..but then,came a letter from UITM, offering me some course,me suddenly,a letter from uitm,i've been waiting for this for long,why should I 'throw' this offer so easily,well,now i have a new topic to think beside "whut to do aa this sem-break"..gosh.

Yeah, he is the person that the poster said~, I think there is no inspirational club captain that is so famous with any controversial and full of skills(well dont mention Zidane) after him.Well,if someone like him really exist now at manutd,i think it's Wayne Rooney~..but well,time will tell.