Sunday, July 30, 2006

A show n A Reunion

Part 1 - A Show

Yes,truely it is,a nasyeed show for me after a long time dont sing.Last week there was a invitation to all 'siswa' who are interested to participate in a nasyid and dikir barat.I, cam bese ar, choose nasyid.That night,the person who in charge tell us that we will perform nasyid at U Konve,maybe 13 august,and the place?..damn..Stadium Putra bukit jalil.Do you believe that?..Me myself, was like,dont believe it yet.I'm gonna perform a nasyid songs at the putra stadium?...and to make things worse,I'm the solo..gosh...i hope things will get better.

Part 2 - Hostel EXCO

Yesterday the 'felo and warden' called all the students to attend a hostel meeting.This meeting is to hire the EXCO for each level.Me myself.didn't plan at all to get any EXCO of wutsoever.And then,things turn rapidly.One of the felo suddenly pointing finger at me and said " tu..bdak baju merah tu..sapa nama?"..and I tell him my name..and then he said.."OK kamu skang EXCO keagamaan"..and I was like.."DAMN!"..keagamaan? myself x ckup ilmu lagi..exco agama?..gosh..things i wish will be more better after this.

Part 3 - Re-union

I decide to go home yesterday,to meet my old pal,dah lame x jmpe diorg..and then suddenly the other old pal pn balik.and well..we all decided to make a reunion.We play basketball together.Gosh,its been a long time since we play together,laughing,make jokes..and yeah..surely the have many to talk about..and mostly..about girls..haha..what a stereotype topics.Me then go back home..and now..doing some assignment..and yeah..updating my blog..lame x update weii~.:p.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

The U Day

It's been two weeks i think since last i updated this blog,well life at University aren't bad at all.All people were like friendly enough for me to fit in.

Chapter 1 - Orientation weeks

The first week,like usual all the freshies need to endure this damn week with all the 'ragingness' hampessness and many 'ness' that will come out.The 'fasi' is all like damn garang to all the freshie when we first met.But then..after a few days,they are beginning to soften a bit,well maybe they got tired being tough all the time.

Chapter 2 - The first 'Kulliyah' week.

This week,a few lecturer was like,"malas nk mengajar"..and yeah,me and others was like "bagus!,xde pening sgt"..haha,and yeah..this week, I met a few new friends ,they were like friendly too.okesh ,malas nk pikir byk...tgk je la gmba k.":P

My hostel,looking good huh?

Imac ..indah kabar dr rupa

Dpan tuh hostel prmpuan,boleh ditropong bile2 masa

Chatting2 kosong wit a few friends,

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Last Meeting.

Last night we planned to go to the Putrajaya to make our 'last meeting' before everybody separated going each ways to the University.Me myself sentimentally feels like,gosh..I dont believe this will happens.I will become a 'Mahasiswa'.Wow..never thought this thing will happen this fast.But that's life,maybe when I get married I would thought it will be too fast too.We stopped at the putrajaya bridge and 'lepak' there and then taking pictures as many as we wish.Then we stopped at the Palace of Justice and do the same thing too until the clocks ticks to 12.35pm.We decide to go home then,and hav a good life after that.This meeting will be a memorable ones!.

and today!,i got up the bed and go work for the last time,and then after this i need to pack my clothes,cut my hair(again?? T-T)..and other things related to it.

Hoping for a better tomorrow! amin.