Tuesday, December 25, 2007


2008 will be coming in 6 days, and I can't stop thinking of what I've been doing from the start of 07 until now.

2007 gives her experience and lesson to me throughout the year. I've change a lot this year compared to what I was in 2006.

2007 , change my views towards certain people when I met them, There are a lot of differences in them and firstly I really thinks that I can't suit myself to these people, but chemistry tighten our bonds, we become a good friends after that. I take themselves as my birthday presents since the first day I met them, was on my birthday.

How could I forget these days,
Public speaking and sketch winner!
PPKP lesson with Mr Rauf
The sudden KFC weekly routine.
The Rebellious D pictures

2007 also taught and shows me the feels of getting unstoppable assignments,some of them was fun and some of them was, gile x bes.
The Media Prima Assignments. It was fun.

2007 also saw us, the belacan films grows from the people who only knew windows movie maker and cheap technics to the more better filmmaker. and we improved on every scene we do.

As for me, 2008 would be the year where I will leave the 'teens' age as I would be turning 20 this 8 jan. But somehow, I didn't feel like I'm going to be 20.

May 2008 brings hopes and cheers to all of us!

Friday, December 21, 2007

ZERO editing process begun.

After facing a few problems and hard times. The shooting process was finally ended last Wednesday. There was a slight feel of relief after completing the task and Alhamdulillah, we're actually doing better and improved this time.

The editing process would be starting today, which means me and my other fellow friends would be sitting in front of computer arranging the clips and inserting the effects necessary to makes the film looks good on the eyes of the audience. I really hope we can get more and more positive comments and also an increasing number of people who's interested on watching this films.

Thanks to all the people who give support and co-operation through out the shooting phase. We'll reply it by giving this film our best on editing this time.

May the film-force be with us.

Friday, December 14, 2007

You know you're living in the year 2007 when

yeah, I know this post is kind off gile lambat since 2008 is only about two weeks left. but hey, this is interesting!

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is
that they don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see
if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

7 Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of
the screen.

8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have
first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for
panic and you turn around to go and get it.

10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your

11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : )

12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward
this message.

14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9
on this list

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When youngsters experience.

My sister wrote this today,

" Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ia sedarkn aku.
Current mood: artistic
Category: Life

Hari ini cc aku didatangi seorang makcik. Seperti biase aku melayan kerenah pelanggan yg datang. dia meminta untuk menfotostatkan sekeping sijil spm. diatas keputusan matapelajaran sijil itu aku terlihat akan kepingan kertas2 kecil. 'ape neh?' atas sebab terlalu ingin tahu aku bertanya kpd makcik tersebut. belum sempat lagi aku membuka mulot, makcik itu tersenyum. senyumannya pelik sekali. dia mnerangkan mngenai kertas2 itu yg sebenarnye mmg aku nk tahu dri awal. 'ni, makcik tampalkan dri borang asal' bru aku tsedar tu salinan asal borang spm tersebot. 'makcik nk tuka result anak makcik ni' aku terkejot mendenganyek. 'anak makcik x pandai la dek, ni nk mintak keje. malu la nk keje kalau result pon cm ni.' aku rase besala nk fotostatkan borang ni. berdose woo bsubahat. makcik tersebot kelihatan bersunggoh untuk melekatkan kepingan kertas tersebot. aku dihantuii rase bsala. kmudian dia mnyerahkan borang olok2 tu untok dicopy. aku tros mencopy borang tersebot. makcik tu btol2 berade disebela ku. sambel tu aku berbisik dlm hati 'asalla anak makcik neh bengap sgt, soh blaja tanak blaja. sian kt makcik neh.' pas da siap copy sijil tu, makcik tu mengelaba simpan dalam sampul surat. die memberi wang untok dibaya. aku rase besalaaanyee tlg makcik tuu! dlm hati da sumpah mnyumpah makcik tu. uishh! mesti makcik neh jahat. astagaaa~ disaat aku menerime wang yg diberi, makcik tu berkata ' adek nmpak mude, umor brape ni?' aku xpandang pn muke makcik tu. apelagi nk ucap tenkiu. 'saye 15 taun' makcik tu x bla pon lagi. aku pn tros la surf internet, wat2 lpe la makcik tu. 'adek mesti pandai, jge diri ye, jgn jdi cm anak makcik ni. blaja la pepandai.' aku yg tga galak menaip laman web , terhenti seketika. aku memandang makcik tesebot. makcik tu maseh sedang kelamkabut memasukkn dokumen2 dlm samput surat. dokumen anaknye kot. seketike aku mneke2 ape la yg da anak makcik neh buat smpai gagal spm. rempit? tido dlm kelas? menderhaka? ponteng skola? mrokok? makcik tu berpelo2. aku teringt kt mak. klau la aku gagal. mungkin mak aku jd cm ni. aku tengok lgek makcik tu. mmg nmpak kecewe sgt. aku mengalihkan pandangan kt monitor blek. munkin ke anak makcik tu bercinta smpai lupe segalenye? makcik tu da pegi da . aku teringt kate2 makcik tu. huaaa. so blajala pepandai. "

It's a new experience for her, watching different people with different attitudes, problems and matters. I've been experiencing these kind of things for almost 7 years now. Working at cybercafe is not just sitting there and surfing blindly into the internet or playing games without giving attention to what's happening around. You need to take care of every customer who comes and eventually communicates with them using right method to make them feel comfortable. And of course, this, taught me many things about people. And you will see that there are people with different faces with common needs and ego. There are people who smiles, rush and some of them is totally egoistic. You need to face them with the fact that they're customers and your task is to please them with great service.

When I come to UiTM and learn about communication, I realize that all those 7 years of meeting people is written blindly on the book. I imagine some of my customer who acts differently and refers them to some terms on the book, and it works.

Experience and knowledge needs to blend together and we really need those to fulfill our ambitions and self-needs.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to the nature.

After getting tired of living with technology and being surrounded with civilization, my family decide that we all need to take a break by camping on the jungle. The place was at Ulu yam,Sg. Sendat. I don't know where is that place at the beginning because my father said the place usually visited by the 4x4 people who loves living at the jungle .

My parents then ask me to invite some friends so that I won't be so bored when I got there, and I ask some of them , and finally Fique,Kishor and Min, agreed to join the camp since they have nothing to do on weekend too. Also we can also do some shooting on the forest since we have the opportunities to do so.

With the slumberness of Avanza and the oldschool Auto Proton Saga, we went there. And it was good although we had to endure the 'semput'ness of Saga when meeting some high places. When we arrived, the place was beautiful and my parents was right, there are 4x4 cars trying to cross the and the might views of the 4x4 car was so spectacular.

After that, like normal people would do when they're camping we pick the camping spot and relax a few minutes after making camps. Min and Kishor suddenly eager to explore the jungle and yeah, I joined them, The view was beautiful and I regrets myself for not having the Dslr to captures these all beautiful scenery, we stayed there until the next day and I think my lung is truly safe from those harm air from town until yesterday @_@.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Target secured.

I was shocked last night when Pingu suddenly message me and gave her result to me, She told me that the result was already out, I was confused at first because the result suppose to be ready by 10th dec,

Sudden nervous attacks me and because of that I can't sleep and kept thinking about how my result would be like last night until it reach 6am on the early morning , I woke up and do what normal people would do when they get up and go to cybercafe early,

Alhamdulillah, my target is on the right path, the result near to last semester result, what makes it different is the result improved 0.01 and it was good,

I can't ask for more, syukur Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I've a sister who would reach 16 next year,usually I didn't really care about what would happen to her. But nowadays those protective sides suddenly comes out from me, and I don't know why.

She's been working with at our cybercafe and most of the time she would be at the counter. Like usual, if there are a girl, there would be some boy trying to show themselves off. For example, 5 minutes ago, there was this one guy who want to do some paper scanning and then he brings his laptop to save the scanned document at the counter rather than bring the pendrive or anything to save on it and save through his laptop later at his home or what.

And after the scanning process he save the scanned documents on his laptop like 10 minutes or what plus looking at my sister here n there, which is logic if his laptop is from the zaman tok kaduk or zaman batu if we have to wait that freaking long.

He is not the only person, there are several people behaving like that when my sister is at the counter. They would smile and be extra 'honest'.And then after they finish their business they would look at me and smiling like I would be their brother in law tomorrow. Like hell I would. "Aku pun takde GF lagi k!"

And now, I really know how Wan Rempit(my friend nickname) felt when I tease him to marry his sister.

haha but hey! It's normal kan, and I would be continuing doing so.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kasi Murah Kalkulator Encik Taboo.

I was so bored one day, and then my friend suddenly show me one video that is so freaking funny.

There's more, go to youtube.com and search for MarilahBerbaikBaik, he is the provider.

Boredom makes me want to conquer the world, I'm addicted to Rise Of the Nation now, and My troops has conquered the Asia and Africa. There's one continent more to go!.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ZERO shooting started!

After a few months of pre-production process, which includes actors and actress selection, where to shoot,how to make it to be like what we wanted, improved storyline and spends money to buy lighting, finally our new short films is ready to jump into shooting progress.

The script which mostly was made by my friend, Fique who acted as the director this time and Fauzi who will be taking the assistant director role is about the mysterious mask that can change the person personal behaviour. The storyline is very2 good and we will make it cleanly and with no rush this time.The short film would be titled as ZERO and we are planning to make it as a trilogy if this first film is considered as good by many.

I'm as the cinematographer will be responsible to set up shot according of what the director has visioned and make it look pretty real and interesting to look at through the camera.I would be participating into directing role too if those two directors are busy with themselves.(director terjun)

The shooting process only began for 2 days now and there are already 2-4 scene we finished.
Like usual, making a film would lose its harmony if there no problem coming through, but like usual too, we will think of a quick solution to solve it.

Wish us luck. Belacan films.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Messy Artwork.

I've found myself interested on drawing manga after a long time on 'retirement zone'

*click the comic strip for a larger views

Thursday, November 15, 2007

standardize society.

I love to be different,

I wear a simple shirt and usual track suit to play basketball rather than dressing cool and hype here n there,
I let my hair long and un-kemas rather than go to saloon to make some 'japanese,chinese' hairstyle,
I love doing 'behind the scene' progress rather than being on the scene itself,
I chew rather than smoke,
I hear what I want to hear and don't give a damn about people thoughts,

There are people who are spreading their thought that people should dress like their did, and should listen to what they're listening.

There are people who didn't knew that every people on this world is not the same inside, they have different talent, approach and interested to different things.

60% of myself is opposing the standard, and 40% of me, need to take the standard by granted, for self fulfillment purpose.

like Eddie on 'Beck' once said,

"People who are using other people standard are just, not themselves"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Communicating to which you sense.

Communication Brings People Together

Human Communication really does interesting,

It makes you realize that every part of our movement when we talk, decide and respond has its own names. You can also relate the terms with your life, and also analyze behaviour of the person that is close to you.

Seeing some of ur friends interpersonal relationship develops, really makes you wonder how long they would be together and what stage they would be.

And there are already a friends of mine who are already deteriorates when they are still on the half stage of their commitment phase.

Also, remembering how lame am I who dares only to do a passive action rather than initiates an active action when meeting the girl whom I thought was the right one for me long time ago.

Experiencing how different people perception to different people behaviour at my C class, and there are egocentrics everywhere.

And after prefering that the original task-oriented-groups much better and happier during sem1 then sem2 making us to make a splendid decision to choose the new F class to be together again.

It seems that I have to be flexible next sem to join with the new F class full with unknown people.

The semester is over, and I'm not happy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I think.

I think,
I need to warned myself that I should study hard for the final exam.

I think,
I've already on this exam week, but why the heck am I sitting in front of this pc writing blog?

I think,
I've passed the CTU paper last Thursday and Alhamdullillah it went well,

I think,
I should put more effort on studying and praying to god to maintain my CGPA.

I think,
that thinking is not enough, I should work hard too.

IKE IKE IKE!!!!!!!Yoshhhhaaa!!!!!

Wish Me Luck this Final Exam.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Open House.

My parents suddenly decide to open our house to public(short form = open house) last Saturday. Like last2 year, I'll take my phone and message some people whom i know and ask them to come to my house. Most of them couldn't come due to distance problem and also some have to go to their exam. But I didn't mind that, because during the open house, they were lot-lot-lot of people 'majority of them is my sister friends' come to my house at one time.I don't know my sisters have that many friends, and most of it is .. male.
"Adik aku ni jenis gatal kot. .. gosh."

Lucky I ask my friend to come at 4pm, they manage to eat and sit well inside of my house before they need to sit outside to give room to others who come after them. Mom is the busiest person that day, I think if she need to go out for 1 hour, me,father,and other brothers will be 'gile kelamkabut' because mom is our 'commander' from the kitchen if something happens. haha.

The open house ended at 11pm and I appreciate people who manage to come to my house. Thousand Of thanks to them!

For those who's still hasn't come to my house~ datang la raye wei! kuih raye x abis lagi. :p

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sakit Perut.

The non-stop eating activities makes toilet, the most visited place for me this raya. It's not my fault!, it's those delicious tasty raya food that succesfully seduced me and then brings me to this kind of pain. But still, setaun sekali je beb. hehe.

The Eat,Eat and Eat Ceremony

Naughty,Naughty,Cutie Kids~
For all of you, Visit my house during this raya! :D

ps: ah~ gotta go! *nature calls*

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lemang awaits!

Two days before raya and I already can smell the taste of Rendang and the tasty Lemang taste~

It's raya! heh, how can I forget this day? This is the only day where me, a person who's rarely showed up during relatives kenduri and the family meeting to meet all my cousin and other families.

Yeap2, I'm the person who's not close with my cousin and relatives, and I still remember during last raya, I only knew that my cousin already has a son and thats mean

'aik? aku dah ade anak sedare? aku dh jadi pakcik? since when?'

but still they're cute and I'm happy to be their pakcik eventhough the word 'pakcik' really makes me feel old.

'Aku x tua lagi la!'

But hey! this is raya and this is the day where all of those nostalgic feeling struck into me, especially when hearing the raya takbir on the morning of the first raya.

'I miss my late grandmother..'

I'm a bit old to receive duit raya since i'm already 19. But still, I hope this raya would be a very2 memorable raya for me.Truly.

finally to all my friends and to every people who knows me, I'm sorry if I make any kind of mistakes and did bad things to you all, I'm only a normal person who doesn't have any special power to 'not-do' any mistakes or have any 'spider-sense' to sense what would I do wrong next.

Minta Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Mohd Izzul Iswat.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Human Comm Video Project

Our title is the evolution of human communication, and this is a video used during our presentation.have a look, and comment it will ya?

Monday, October 08, 2007


Life at home, truly is different from Melaka during ramadhan.

At home, the meal surely is much much better than the food at University Dining.

I don't have to set an alarm to wake me up during sahur because mother will surely wakes me up.

I don't have to think about assignments.

I can be online from morning until berbuka.

I've no worry about self financial status.

Life's good here, eventhough I felt like missing something.

'Selamat Menghabiskan Ramadhan To all Of My friends and to all of the reader too~"

may we end this ramadhan full with Allah blessing. Amin.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Finally, it's over, eh, is it over? am i dreaming? or I've been transfered to the future after being attacked by aliens?

Shit, it is really over, the class for this semester surely over!


that's the right phrase for this semester.

There's a time when I felt that this semester would going to be sucks,
but in the end, everything that happens has its own 'hikmah'. It don't just happens.

Yesterday, was a farewell day to my new class,.

we've been together for this sem, and to be truth, they're not what I thought they're when I first entered the class. They're actually, fun!

but then, yesterday someone gave the news informed that the class will be re-shuffle next semester.


ps: whatever it is, hope that miracle happens and DMC1D suddenly together...again.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Like last sem, the assignment started to grow and making me busy and busy and busy.

Life is freaking busy nowadays. When I think that I'm done with this assignment, there are still like, 2-3 assigments coming in. To be exact, this flowing assignments will not be ended until study weeks come. Also I need to endure the lame-ness of KoKo, I still need to think about my hair, and cover it up with something so that I will not be caught by the 'father-of-all-fantasies' Encik Sahak during KoKo.

The life during class is lame this sem, the environment is not like last sem and like my old class. I only talk and joked at a few people in the class, they were nice really and some of them have the habit of making gossip, just like the old class people.

Seriously, I miss those times.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lovey Dewey Dovey

It's weird when one day you woke up and suddenly seeing everyone u've known single, is already been taken.

but that's the truth, i'm surrounded by lovey dovey people right now and well, seeing them with their love ones doing their romantica uniquelyca extravaganza thing sometimes makes you laugh, and wonder.

'Things are wonderful when they're shared'

I still remember this one girl who said it clear out loud that "life is so much better single" last sem, and now, her motto turns into "Life is so much better when you bla bla bla". I am amazed by the way her bf gives flower yesterday, haha.

Hey F you shud be grateful, that's one cool way to express his love ok!

And also, I still remember about this guy I met last semester, he's my partner when it comes to cute gurls and 'flirty2 comment2' thingy.

Now, he's ended up being with one gurl and he stated this when he goes out with her

ezul : tadi ko keluar mane beb?

M : kuar ngan awek aku.

ezul : awek?...opppsss..

M : did i say awek?..weih.. aku dah ade awek..gile arhhh...

ezul : demn.

And there are two of my classmates who until now, still 'main tarik tali' when I ask them what are their relationship.

Finally, the gurl who's always been like monkey and just celebrated her birthday yesterday once said, she think she has found her only one, and she's serious.

well I wish her luck then.

The power of love is crazy,

ps: Life is so much better single when you're busy. :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rainy Melaka

I love Melaka when its raining,
It follows my sorrow heart that is screaming
in pain inside,
I can't wait to be in the happy lands again,
Where the smiles is the only thing I do everyday,
And the laugh is my best friends.

I hope the rain will follow me,
Until the end of the season,
Where sun will shine again,
On the new years eve.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

back to Melaka.

Today will be the last day of my full holiday.I will be going to Melaka on 4.00 pm(maybe) tomorrow.gosh, It feels like yesterday I've started my holiday. I really hope this new semester will bring me a lot of fun than 1st semester.

Everyone! see ya in Melaka.

ps: I hope our course suddenly need to change to shah alam.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I have watch it!

and it was a good experience. I think this movie has the most spectacular effect that I have ever seen. I love it when the car change into the robot. This kind off thing like pulling us into the childhood again. Where that time transformers series was so damn famous and we always remember the show time and stick in front of TV for half an hour to watch the robot that surely fit with our child imagination that time. There were some humor on this movie that easily make the audience laugh at it. I even heard some people clap their hand and say 'Woahhh'(I 'woah-ed' too) when the robot transform and fighting.In the end, surely I am satisfied with the movie :).

ops I forgot about the heroin. She's HAWT!

To all my fellow friend I've already finished the trailer for our next movie - Cuak!. Watch it and please give me a comment will ya?

Trailer 1 - Cuak! Jangan Pandang Belakang Parody

Trailer 2 - Cuak! Cicakman Parody

Saturday, June 30, 2007


This week I think UiTM is the most yet annoying website i've ever visited. Damn, the registration process takes like more than an hour and at the beginning I was surely shock when the class were reduce from 6(or 7 and maybe 8) to 4 class only.Surely the only words that came out from my mouth no other than curse word came from my 'gile-tak-puas-hati' self.But then yesterday someone telling me that the class is back to normal '7 or 8 class again'. gosh.

And there is more, I've received the letter like 3 days ago, and until now I still haven't figured what the hell is the difference from 'yuran pendaftaran' and 'yuran pengajian' some said leave it to ptptn, and some said you need to settle the fees befre entering. And there is the 'yuran persatuan, elektrik, bla bla bla' that I need to settle on when .. I don't know.

I am a newbie and still really stupid at this kind of UiTM registration thing, some one, please buy me a 'torchlight' and guide me out from the stupid darkness please?

ps: UiTM = Universiti Ini Tentu Menyusahkan.

but still I love UiTM,

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


SEW is finally launch! watch it and please give a couple of good comment will ya?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've once fell in love with a ghost.

Until now, the ghost is still in my mind.

ps : the post lately is kind of jiwang, bertahan ye..haha

Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been listening to a few japanese band nowadays, their music is good and acceptable.

Beat Crusader - Moon On The Water

Full moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day
On my way
Looking for a moment with my dear

Full moon waves
Slowly on the surface of the lake
You are there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

What a fool! I don't know about tomorrow
What it's like to be

I was sure
'Couldn't let myself to go
Even though I feel
The end

Oh my fair...
Floating like a bird that's in her wings
You are there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

What a fool!
I don't know about tomorrow
What it's like to be

I was sure
'Couldn't let myself to go
Even though I feel
The end

Full moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day
You are there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

Sunday, June 24, 2007


We are participating for a basketball today which I can predict easily that we will lose no matter how hard we try. yeap2..what i've predicted is so damn right, we lose, the other looks so gigantic with their gigantic player and their wutever so-called skills~ I don't know what kind of food they eat everyday for living.

I've been quite moody these past few days. I don't know why, It's started when I met this one thing called 'lintah or pacat' who suck people blood whenever they're hungry . Yeah, this spesis suck my blood too. They only came to me when they're having this kind of difficulties and then they leave when they're freed from the difficulties. I've enough with this kind of creatures. I hate when i'm being used and then it's them who got the name and even respect.

Ok, it's ur idea lintah and why then u ask me for an idea? then u put ur name then to that idea both of us created. I feel like shit now when seeing this lintah around walking with the huge smile and a heart that is unable to care for other people heart. And now u're trying to steal my role too? shit.

After that I met this one other spesis called nyamuk. This creature sure is annoying. I hate it when this thing come and then annoys me with the non-stop favourite thing he would always love to do. I would not forget that one day where you annoys me in front of my beloved ones and then you say something that you shouldn't say,Things that is un acceptable. If I am a grim reaper you must be dead right now.


ps: the lintah and nyamuk doesn't related to you guys, its just two friend I met a long time ago during my 'childhood'

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The D List.

After a few hour and 'kesabaran dn keimanan' finally paid off when I sees something really-really brighten up my whole day.

Purata Nilai Gred - 3 sumthing.

Keputusan Peperiksaan - AD.

Alhamdullillah, all the things that i learnt, and all the effort that I give during exam greatly paid off. I can't ask for more after seeing this result.Syukur kpd Allah and thanks to all my friend who supported me.,May I do well on next sem.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SEW is delayed.

A bad news for me and for all, as I think this video launch will be delayed until the date that is still unknown. Now, we are busy shooting for our big project this semester holiday titled Chuak : Jangan Ushar Belakang. There is still more scene to act and lot of editing work waiting for us now, and to be exact that is the main factor why the SEW progress is delayed.

To all peeps, sabar ye :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SEW is coming out.

1st poster 2nd poster

Sew is coming out! and I really feel that this 5 minute short film was the best my friend and I ever produced, like before I said, we experimented a lot on this movie and the result for me was really not bad at all. The video is still need to be edited and for all who I known and a few who always supported us, sabar skjap ye and thank you!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Short film project

Currently we are planning a mass(xde la mass sgt sbenanye) short film project this holiday. The story is a parody for malay movies titled Chuak : Jangan Usha Belakang. We take a few of malay famous film to diparodykan. The shooting will be starting on next week .

But, before that, we already finished our small short film project titled 'Sew' a parody of SAW, the famous horror movie. The video length is only about 5 minutes and we seriously do a lot of experiment on this movie. Maklumla amatur kan. So we made a few effect and tested a few camera technic that will be used on the big short film project(The Chuak : Jangan Ushar Belakang film).

SEW, would be released next week and I will post the movie on the next two or three or even next blog post.(depends on my lazyness level)


ps: perh cm pro je statement.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Like usual, after the 'jual-beli' session done i will usually says thank you and give the customer a smile seikhlas yg mampu. and today, I don't know why, two vietnam girl suddenly talk to me with their own language(which i didn't understand sepatah haram pun) and then they both 'gelak2 sinis'.

aa..is it because of my smile?

sometimes I hope I can understand every language that exist on this world and one of the best advantages is --> I can watch any movies as I can without subtitles help.(mostly japanese)

Talking bout subtitle, I remember one pirates movie I bought from the pasar malam and like usual it was pathetic, the subtitle(which is in malay) was so 'gile tak betul' and when I try to understand what they're saying, I can't because I kept on reading the gile-tak-betul subtitle.

so the fact is so damn true.

--> most viewer spend time reading subtitle more then watching the scene.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My family will go for a vacation at Langkawi today, except me. The reason is simple, they book a ticket with thought that today i'm still at U. ok, there we goes, a 3 bujang days! yeay! but still, many things need to take care of, like my family cybercafe, i need to do the opening and closing by myself(bluergh)...and yet I need to feed all my cute cats at home that usually ran away when they see me(urghh).

But nevermind then, lets hope nothing bad will happen during these 3 days and yeah I've a few plan to make with fique(a friend) about our new short-film project, 'Chuak : Jangan Usha Belakang' we still need to think further about the script and hope that everything would be so damn ok during the project.

ps: who want to participate on our project? raise ur hand!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I've watched too many drama and movie this week.Most of them is japanese drama. I've been attached to this drama -> 'Dragon Sakura' . It was a very good drama and the main actor is so damn kakkoi(cool).There are movies like 'SAW 1,2,3' that attracts me from start until the beginning. I'm not interested on the bloody2 scene on this movie, it's the storyline of this story that caught my eyes. The way JigSaw(the killer) created the game for his victim is very cool and he always gives his victim a way to escape.

I love when he say this word -> Game Over. that's cool.

ps: Farah oredi say that she's like 'cam-dah-tau-je' her sociology result. And i was like, aiseman Farah, ko tambah pressure la..haha.

good luck to all dmc1d students. may we all get a very 'unbelievableriarr~~'(japanese slang) result

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've started playing Ragnarok again today, after maybe a few year I left this game. This online game is very memorable because me and my friend used to play it like when we are form 3.
Its been a while then.

Liverpool is losing, and last night i predicted that liverpool will lose 2-1. And guess what?..they really lost to Milan by two goal. its 2-1..:D

LIVERPOOL WON ONLY CHARITY SHIELD THIS SEASON.<-- yeah, only the charity shield.

Monday, May 21, 2007


YOSHH!! I've watched sumo-lah and for me it was good. A very good effort from Afdlin Shauki, the director. He puts a lot of 'perli' saying about the differences of the malay and japanese and many things. I remember a few of his word like

"She know how to play an ancient instrument and I didn't"

"What is a malay music instrument actually?"

The story is quite 'meleret' in the middle of the story and there is some part that is un-explainable like the Sumo Sensei 'Honda-san' goes to japan to meet Toshi, his old pal.At Japan they learn many thing about Sumo and finally when they go back to Malaysia I wonder

"I don't see any Toshi."

maybe Afdlin want to keep it secret or what i don't know, also when the story closely comes to an end, there was a women(known as Radhi Khalid wife) suddenly appear.

Another thing is, Siti, act by the thailand famous actress( I don't remember her name) need to practise more on her Malay language, it's like "cakap sbijik2" when she talks in Malay.

With all those thing, This story is still considered as good for me. Afdlin tried to make a differences and he does well this time. This is really not like a typical Malay movie, this is different.The Diamond Sushi sumo team,acted by Gurmit(PCK) and other two actor who i didn't know is cool and when seeing them I remembered a few scene from the old hollywood movies entitled "Karate Kid". I love the last part where the real Sumo-match started, with Hasbullah Awang as the match commentator the match looked alive. Forget the Sampah prof movie, forget the 'full-of-police' yusof haslam movie, this is the movie to watch.

I rate 3 1/2 out of 5

Sunday, May 20, 2007


ManUtd lose to Chelsea on FA Cup last nite,

I don't blame manutd much this time because they did well and the match is kind off interesting. It's just the team is unlucky. Don't worry, EPL is already in our hands. I just hate the chelsea big mouthed supporters who talks big about their team . Influenced by moarinho?(i dun care if i ter-typo his name)


After the match finished,like usual various of message comes to me and you already know why are they sending the message at this kind of time.

"Ape ni manutd kalah, wat malu je~."


we already won the EPL and liverpool& Arsenal still won none, Chelsea just won the FA.

ops forgive me liverpool fans, ur team already won the charity shield and the upcoming European Champions League final <--x tentu lagi..i wish ur team lose badly

I go home and ended up watching movie entitled 'Just Friends'.

jiwang sial.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Chapter 1 : Nasyeed
Like usual, holiday time is maybe a working time for me, I will sit in front of the pc and started surfing, playing games and everything that a normal people usualy do. From 11.00 am till 8 or 7 pm, that's how long I 'dok mengadap pc' everyday.

Tired of this thing, i decided to call my brother to replace me at the cc. I felt like playing basketball now.

Yeah, basketball, the only sport I'm good at.

Then I ask my brother to replace me, but he's busy with his nasyeed.

Yeah, nasyeed, I used to join nasyeed and represent my school. and yeah,it's memorable. I learn many things about vocal and group harmonies. From Bass to high pitch, high note, acapella and much more.I'm a Bass voice.

Our group is like 'satu kapla' so there isn't much problem about not having a chemistry or the 'i-don't-like-you' thingy. It's really fun everytime we do a show and our voice combined together perfectly(sometimes we spoil) .

My lil-brother will be singing the nasyeed on Teachers day soon. And they swill be performing a song entitled 'Terima Kasih Guru' by Mirwana. My nasyeed group planned to sang that song during teachers day during our time. But because of the 'pihak atasan' problem. We couldn't performed that song. haih.

Chapter 2 : Afdlin Shauki Dillema

I found something interesting at Afdlin Shauki website today, he ask for his fans and people who haven't seen and interested to watch his new movie entitiled 'sumo-lah' to go watch his movie and invite as many friends as they can.

The reason is :

Afdlin said : It seems that the cinemas are telling us that their collection is quite low for the movie Sumolah and GSC has even applied for sumolah to be taken off its programming just after four days being shown. This is so wierd for a movie which has received many amazing good reviews and has been marketed beyond months. I am really stumped.

You can see full review at http://afdlinshauki.blogspot.com

I felt bad for him because like he said, the movie has received many good reviews but I think maybe the time was not on his side. It's May, an exam month, and a 'blockbuster' month too(spidey,shrek n pirate)

I'm eager to watch his movies and I hope the movie is good and luck is on his side. Amin.

'Kerenah Birokrasi' I suppose.

urgh, the sociology theory again

Monday, May 14, 2007

ManUtd the EPL champions!

yes!..and manutd is the champions. goodbye liverpool, goodbye arsenal and yeah..GOODBYE CHELSEA, we've won. next week is the FA Cup final, and really, manutd must win this to give chelsea a very shameful season.
They spent a millions just to win a small carling cup? that's laughable. :P

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok, there is still 2 days left before my last paper, and everybody seems to be packing and ready to go home. Damn~..

be patient ezul ....fiooooOoOgh~

ps: may the force be with me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shattered European Dreams

ok, yesterday i watched spidey and i think i don't want to wrote about it today because I haven't got any mood. My mood is all down when seeing my team, ManUtd lose to AC Milan on their European Champions League Semi. It's not because of the lost factor that makes my mood down, it's the factor of their gameplay that irritates me.

Against a team like Milan, ManUtd should keeps their possession and pass the ball around wisely, also they need to create a chance and finish it clinically. But they just don't do that, the possession was bad and the passing is all messed up. I just frustrated to see the United defenders failed to keep their composure and mark the Milan player tightly, and the result of that, Kaka,Seedorf and Gillardino all manage to score their goal for their team. A goal that will not happen if ManUtd on their true forms. I just don't know what is happening to ManUtd players last night, but the match yesterday sure make United looks pathetic.

After the score, I've received a bunch of message that have a different phrase,words and wutever they called it with just one meaning

"ManUtd lost, and we happy to send you a message telling you that result eventhough it's freakin early in the morning and we don't have much sleep"

But still, it's only one title, ManUtd still have the doubles waiting for them.I simply started to hate Italian side after last night, but I need to give my support to them in the final to make sure Liverfool fans would not celebrate anything that night and end the season, empty handed.hahah!

ps : To all people who just hate ManUtd eventhough they don't watch football --> Fork you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mayat Hidup.

ok, it's still exam weeks now, and i'm at home sitting in front of the pc freely without a book on my side. It's good then, because last two week i felt like a living corpse or in BM they called it Mayat Hidup. Books books books and books~.damn! exam is one thing i hate. argh~

Spidey! yeah today is the spidey day~ all cinemas i think would be packed with people, and what am i doing here? oh yeah. I know, i am the people who got no money and time to go to the 'wayang~' gosh~..nvm then`..i wil surely have my time after this freakin exam is over.:D

a self-made poster i made. thx to the people who co-operate :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New skins?

I think my blog need a new skins since this old skins started to have a "broken link" on some part, but i have no time to do that now,

final exam is getting near, and I didn't even read one book yet. Is 3.0 pointer possible when I'm still like this? Only time and god will tell~

Friday, April 13, 2007


Okay, today I suppose to go back home after one month and two weeks here at UiTM but i didn't reach home today because suddenly my friend suggesting me to go overnite at his house.

Next, I suppose to be sleeping now because my body is all tired and so 'sayur' right now, but my eyes still refuse to sleep now.

My beloved team,Manchester United suppose to face a very tough match against Roma but they don't as they win the match with a spectacular score 7-1.

I also suppose to go to my last class of the semester today but I don't because I thought the last class was yesterday and today class was cancelled.
And this week holiday suppose to be great and I hope it would be great. :)
ps: the last Sociology class was very memorable, to all my classmate I hope our next sem class would be much better with no problem~. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gile babs la weih~

Ok, I just passed a very frekin tough week of preparing assignments, and after this I need to get through a final exam month, and maybe after that my life would be frekin free!

ps: blurgh~

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ok, today i have a presentation to make and guess whut? i simply come with the idea to make a presentation about manutd legends. Like usual, the presentation was lame and I was the only who like 'syok sendri' I laugh to myself after that. I hope that the lecturer won't be too strict about picking up the topic. If she just let us pick any topic about entertainment, i'm pretty sure there will be a lot of things that is cool to presents about.

The only cool and simple presentation today is from fatin, she presents about her friends cat,It was pretty cool and really humourous too. At least there were something to laugh about on class today.


Saturday, March 31, 2007


Many things need to be completed this month, the sociology research, case studies, Miss Rossalynn late-late presentation, CSC presentation , BBM presentation and many more to come. I felt like a living corpse now doing all this work. There are two weeks more to go before study week and after that I will face the final exam. Arghh~..so busy!~~~

ps: sometime I hope doraemon will come out from my desk and helps me with all these assignment..~

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Damn, last two weeks, I went out with one of my bestfriend to the MEKAR a.k.a minggu sosial, and like what bestfriend do, we laugh, we share out story and whatsoever, but then, nightmare comes, suddenly comes my classmate that I think i don't want to mention their name overhere dancing, laughing and making stories about us..I will truly remember their word "oo..ezul kantoi ..lalalala..."I just laughed after that realizing that I couldn't do nothing more.

Also last week, I watch Mukhsin and guess what, this movie really don't let me down. The storyline was good although my friend who don't agree with me by stating the story was too "mendatar wei..mendatar!"I simply give the story a huge compliment. I was so attracted by the Orked family that is so loving and also romantic, seeing that making me like "ohh..bilelah aku nak kawin.." or " camne la isteri aku nnti ye..."haha...i laugh to myself then..~

I simply gave rate the movie 4 out of 5.

ps: pingu really distract me.hah and she give the movie 3 out of 5~


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Akademi Fanta'Lame'Sia

I watch the tirai show yesterday,

Don't ever ask why I watch this show, but ask what is making my body automatically watch the tirai show from start to the end,Well, like usual at 9.00pm I oredi at home relaxing myself after hibernating at the CC for a many hours. Seeing my sister already in front of TV and looking all excited, I ask her

"Is there any interesting show today?"

she simply answer, " Yeah, Tirai Akademi Fantasia !"

gosh~,,i didn't have any interest on it ,

but! after seeing one contestant (the girl of course) My eyes and my whole body stopped , gosh, she's pretty, her eyes, goeshh~H~H~H...
She's cute and pretty, I couldn't say anything more than that, she's 21 and she's from Terengganu, I think I need to learn the Ngganu Accent from my classmate Atif after this..haha!

ps : Whak Abouk Spok?

Friday, March 09, 2007


Today is friday,
a very slow day,
where everyone walks like a dead people,
where the bus stand would be full with PBSM(guest it) people,
The class is really2 bored today, there are only a few people who manage to come and put aside their lazyness to come to the BEL class and see our beloved Mrs.Indrani.Our lecturer is upset with our really2 'good' attendance today and suddenly she giving out her 'expected' story about the boy who comes late of the class, the lazy people and her daily view about life. I must say, she really need to wrote some novel or any short stories because she is the person who have 1000 stories in her mind.

Suddenly today I need to go back home to take something for my socio research. Haih, there are a few assignment that need to be completed. Damn, I miss the old school days sometimes. Where teacher only gives assignment twice or once a year. Now, I get em like twice a week,gosh.But it's still fun and I'm enjoying my life here.

-still waiting for my angel to come and brings light to my dark path-

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Many Things happened today,First I get to watch The GhostRider.The movie kinda good, the ghostrider is really that cool actually.With the skull full of blazing fire and a very nice bike too. But the story is kinda stereotype,nothing unexpected happens. I can guess what happen next and lalala.But still, the movie is worth money to spent on.

Second, I get myself into accident today and luckily I dont get any injuries. The day was rainy and my friend drove(or drive...i'm bad at grammar) the car too fast. And this one time he hit some 'lopak' and suddenly the car goes out of control.Can you imagine how bad can it be? in the speedy highway and suddenly your car goes out of control,it would be a very bad accident right?. But thank god! He love us and during that time the are not many car on the highway,first when the car goes out of control we hit the car beside us and then we were spinning in the middle of the highway for a second and then my friend manage to stop at the corner of the highway. Still shocked, I quickly feel grateful to god because there was no extreme accident happening on us. When the situation cools down a bit, my friend check the car and he found that the tyre is damage and maybe that's the cause of the accident. The door also damaged and he have plenty of problem to think of.

I call this an action day for me.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

UiTM Life

Today is the only free day that i can use to update my blog after a very busy week.My life at UiTM has been very good this far, my new classmates all is friendly and I love it. Last week, we've won the sketch and choral competition that brought our class name to the top.

There a few pictures ~..enjoy it~..lala

With a few sketch crew

With a few classmate