Saturday, August 23, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Amazing child, huge talent. Listen to her. :)

Malaysian at heart.

"Malaysia takkan menang sampai bila2 la."

"Malas aku nak sokong Malaysia."

"Hurm, Malaysia lagi ke?"

Have you ever heard of this phrase? I bet you yourself, as a Malaysian could be saying the same thing seeing a Malaysian athletes competing with other athletes on the world stage. Take a simple example, Beijing Olympics. I don't put high hopes, and some of my friend already predicted that our contingent couldn't brings any medals, and it happens, nearly. Thanks to Lee Chong Wei for making the prediction untrue.

Despite all of the words and sentences from us, Malaysian. Something interesting happens. During the Badminton finals between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Everybody was eager to watch it. Why? why did we still care?

insan X : wei malam ni ade live Malaysia wei.

me : Sejak bile pulak kau layan badminton ni?

insan X : Aku kan org Malaysia. Kene la sokong.

me : Sayang jugak kau kat negara sendiri kan?

You see, each of us, Malaysian are hungry to see a success, a phenomena, a history. We want to have something to be proud of. We want to experience the feeling of cheering for our own country in a game and be apart of the team when they're winning and made history. Just look when the football team won the Merdeka Cup(merdeka cup kan?). Everybody was excited and believing, at the stadium, home and even mapley skalipun. So, how can they say we're not supportive enough? I wonder.

Dah letih sokong negara lain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cybercafe Cliche's thought

Based on what my mother tells me.

A women looked like a teacher came to the cybercafe to do some printing stuff at our shop.
Like normal people, she gave the pendrive to my mother and then tell her what she need to print. While waiting for the printing process to be done, she take a look at the surfing area and then tells my mother with suspicious looking face..

Teacher X : Budak2 pun ada main game ke dalam cybercafe ni? bukan tak boleh ke?

My mother smile and then said

Mom : er, cikgu cuba masuk dalam and tengok apa yang budak tu buat.

The teacher then entered the room just to see one focused kid trying to surf the internet for his/her scrap book work.

Mom : Lain kali jangan fikir negatif je.

The teacher then just smiled and remains silent and left the shop after she pays for the printing work.

There are more people before her who came to the shop voicing out their opinion about our cybercafe. Ada yang tak puas hati, ada yang kata ramai budak melepak, ada yang kata anak mereka di sini dan ada yang kata our shop is a bad place for kids. Most of them were malays, some are chinese and indian.

O f course, kami hilang akal, the only game that we had here is the counter strike and some online games that were unpopular, but the game are only available on certain pc's . We focused more on the internet service here and we promised to people who came on our shop to feel peace when they're surfing internet. Unlike some cybercafe around here.

Even after all that, there are still people want to complain here and there. When my mother ask them back ,

Mom : Dah complain ke kat 2-3 kedai cina yang besar tu? *no offence*

Them : no.

See? Macam mana la bangsa nak maju?

But still there are people who support us and stick to our shop. Especially some parents who already put some trust to us, they willingly take their kids here to do some work. Kudos to them :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YUMEcolors update!

Another commercial parody from us, soon.

ps: This blog has been all picture mode due to my busy necessary+unnecessary schedule.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Furumusu Jamming Session

Back to back jamming session. I don't perform well, damn.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Feskem 08 opening.

A lot has happened, recently.

Friday, August 01, 2008


-Good day, everyday
-Great semester
-Consistent CGPA all the way till 6th sem
-Nikon D3
-DSLR speedlight
-Fisheye Lens
-HD professional video cam
-Complete set for movie making
-New Motherboard
-New graphic card
-BMW 5 series
-Audi A6
-McD Big Mac set
-Makanan dining di UiTM Lendu tiba-tiba sedap


Rianti Cartwright