Sunday, February 18, 2007


Many Things happened today,First I get to watch The GhostRider.The movie kinda good, the ghostrider is really that cool actually.With the skull full of blazing fire and a very nice bike too. But the story is kinda stereotype,nothing unexpected happens. I can guess what happen next and lalala.But still, the movie is worth money to spent on.

Second, I get myself into accident today and luckily I dont get any injuries. The day was rainy and my friend drove(or drive...i'm bad at grammar) the car too fast. And this one time he hit some 'lopak' and suddenly the car goes out of control.Can you imagine how bad can it be? in the speedy highway and suddenly your car goes out of control,it would be a very bad accident right?. But thank god! He love us and during that time the are not many car on the highway,first when the car goes out of control we hit the car beside us and then we were spinning in the middle of the highway for a second and then my friend manage to stop at the corner of the highway. Still shocked, I quickly feel grateful to god because there was no extreme accident happening on us. When the situation cools down a bit, my friend check the car and he found that the tyre is damage and maybe that's the cause of the accident. The door also damaged and he have plenty of problem to think of.

I call this an action day for me.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

UiTM Life

Today is the only free day that i can use to update my blog after a very busy week.My life at UiTM has been very good this far, my new classmates all is friendly and I love it. Last week, we've won the sketch and choral competition that brought our class name to the top.

There a few pictures ~..enjoy it~..lala

With a few sketch crew

With a few classmate