Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ah, It's that Time of The Year Again.

How can I forget these. Thanks to god and 2008 for giving me a year full of new experience.There's more to explore and to overcome next year.

May we all have a colorful year in 2009. Amin.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Final year, finally.

The new semester has start, time to meet the juniors, time to watch those college activity all over again and time to open the new book and face new challenges.

Yes, I'm now at my final year of my diploma.

ps : most post could be in pictures after this, you know, assignments won't let me wrote things much. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta 08'

The BeCR mask, The sailors, The funny mc's it's all in the Comic Fiesta 08'.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Review : Cicakman

Despite all the hype and the good promotion given. Cicakman is indeed a frustrating sequel.

The storyline is slow and boring. Yusry tries to give the story a more serious approach than the prequel movie, but still, it lacks of 'punch' and attraction to 'wake' the audience so that they hold still and take attention to the movie till the end.

Somehow, I prefer more relaxed and comedy approach on the movie since Cicakman itself is not a strong superhero to be precise. Just like the prequel.

The only thing worth seeing is the CGI and the fighting scene. Yusry really use his CGI team to the limit this time by implementing the animation into most action scene.

Expect more action in the movie. Yes, more fighting action and this time with an indonese villain, Rama. Although there are some flaw during the fight(Bole detect yang time diorg tengah lawan tu CGI) you still can enjoy it and experience the improvement of Malaysian CGI.

Support Malaysian film who are willing to take risk to give the best. Bukan mereka yang mahu buat film cinta tak berkualiti saja.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Have you ever been in this situation?

From two days ago,you are waiting for your result, and somehow today, you want to go the cinema to release your tense because the university is always making the 'mesyuarat-senat-result-belum-keluar-lagi-delay-delay-thing'. You're confident that your financial status are still quite fine that you think you will be able to go to the cinema without any money problem at all.

And then, just like any other normal person, you go to the ATM(Auto Teller Machine) nearby to do the very normal 'cucuk-cucuk duit' process which enable you to use your money for 'going-to-cinema-and-release-stress' sake. You check your balance, oh, it's RM 39.40. A very good amount to spend because you will be getting your loan soon. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Just like any other normal people,the money will come out from the machine after they do the process, but unlucky for you, the ATM suddenly said 'oh talian tergendala, sila cuba lagi ya?'. You're a patient man, and rational too. Without any cursing or whatever thing, you go to the other ATM machine to the same process and yet, the ATM kept saying 'talian tergendala'. Yes, you are a very patient man, and don't react easily to this nonsense problem.

Full of hope, you go to the other place which contains those ATM. Again, you try your luck, hoping the same problem will never occur. Yes, the same problem don't occur, but somehow, you feel weird that, when you check the balance.

Baki Anda : RM 8.40

Will you still be patient after that?

Dah la aku tak keluar lagi RM 30 tu! Dah la tengah sengkek, Dah la tengah tensi pasal nak tunggu result.Menda camni pulak boleh jadi!!!

After a few minutes of self-babbling about where the hell does the money go. My friend suddenly willing to 'blanje' me for cinema and yeah, thanks to god for giving me a good exam result after the horrible incidents.It's a very huge relief for me. Yes, congratulation to those who improve and maintain their good achievement.

May a bright future shine upon us. Amin.

ps : still. mane duit tu pegi????????????

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aku Suka Main-Main Kalau Kene Tag 2

Tagged By Hans. Here it goes

1. Pernah tak anda jalan sorang2, pastu terserempak dengan couple. Si perempuan (kalau anda lelaki dan vice versa la sendiri) asyik pandang2 anda.

Pernah je, biasalah laki macam I ni siapa yang tak pandang kan.

2. Pernah tak orang ingat anda bukan anda yang sepatutnya. (Cth: eh, ko ni dah kahwin kan? Eh, ko ni kerja spital kan? Eh, ko ni belajar lagi kan? Eh, ko ni adik hans Isaac kan? Eh, ko ni yang aku jumpa kat Lombok kan?)

Oh ya pernah je, dulu orang pernah kata yang I ni serupa macam pelakon dalam cerita superhero tu, I iyekan je, malas nak banyak soal. Nanti I jawab banyak, gossip melimpah, malas nak layan.

3. Pernah tak drive dan sesat. Atau pun jadi co-pilot tapi anda punca kesesatan.

Tak pernah pun, I terbang je, hey ape punya soalan ni, dah terang lagi nak suluh-suluh.

4. Apa cita2 yang orang tak nak buat tapi anda je beria2 nak jadi.

Kalau boleh I nak jadi macam superhero sorang tu, tembak peluru pun tak lut you, eh, I lah superhero tu, huhuhu.

5. Kalau ada, ceritakan satu dari kisah2 sedih dalam hidup anda. (tak payah cari yang 'paling sedih' sbb aku tahu, korang bukan ingat sangat pun)

kisah sedih? ntahla I tak pernah ingat pun kisah sedih I ape. Mungkin time I kene hantar ke bumi kot, itu memang kisah paling sedih rasenye.

6. Kalau anda seorang yang pernah nakal dan jahat, cuba ingatkan satu kes yang anda nyesal tak sudah lepas buat kerja tu.

I tak pernah nakal dan jahat, I humble je.

7. Apa perkara yang anda suka buat sejak dua menjak ni? Dulu2 pulak, apa hobi2 anda?

Sejak dua menjak ni, I suka duduk rumah online saje, dulu pernah la gian terbang serata dunia kejap, maklumlah dah reti terbang.

8. Apa pesanan penjaga anda yang paling diingat dan selalu membuatkan anda beringat2?

Bapak I selalu tegur kaler spender I ni over sangat, tapi I nak kekalkan, baru mantap.

9. Apakah ketakutan yang masih menghantui anda?

Time I kene kryptonite dlu, memang sakit sangat, Segala kejantanan I hilang lepas kene batu tu. Tensi betul tau!

10. Dah itu je. anda dah makan?

Dah, makan hati. Ini apa punya soalan ni, awak dari U mane ni? Tak pernah blaja ke? Please...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aku Suka Main-Main Kalau Kene Tag pt 1

I've been tagged by Nadhirah Samuel. And here it goes.

1. Sesiapa yang kena tag, 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang men'tag' dia.

. Her name is Nadhirah Samuel .
· Most of fer friend call me nadh or nadhsamuel or nadhirah.
· She was born on 31 December 1989.
· She's from Kota Bharu and had been growing up seven and half years out from Kelantan.
. Her style is very conservative.
· She hate movie and TV show as well.
· She I love cooking to death. I love to write.
. She travels a lot.
. She has been to Japan
. She's Teddy Addict.
. Oh ya, saya jeles gila dengan dia sebab travel a lot

2. Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 tentang dirinya.

. He copied 60% of the Nadhirah Samuel "Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 tentang dirinya"
. He is never serious with the taggie things.
. For once he thinks he can fly.
. Because of that, he almost lost his nose after an attempt to fly to the sky.
. He don't know what to write about himself more.
. Oh ya, he forgot the basic.
. Just call him Izzul.
. He is 20 years old.
. Studies at UiTM
. Oh ya, he have a problems with the grammar. ignore it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kau Masscomm?

Insan X : kau ambil masscomm?

Me : yes, aku ambil masscomm.

Insan X : boleh dapat kerja ke? ada banyak lagi kan course yang bagus?

Somehow most people whom I know and met, give the very same thought about the course I'm taking, either directly or indirectly.

Why can't I get a job? If I work hard enough, I'm sure that I can get any job that I want. It's up to individual to think for themselves what's good for them. I've think long enough before I enter this course. The 'tiada kerja dillemma', hard work, people stereotypical views and more.Last failure taught me to be true to myself. Taught me to pursue the path that I love and abandoned what other people taught was good for me.

"mende ni ko nak tatap sampai berpuluh tahun, takkan kau nak tatap menda yang kau tak suka?"

I've followed other people path before I decide to follow my own. The science class and the engineering course(yes, I'm an engineering student for one semester, how does that sound?) but somehow, it led me to a failure which cause a big frustration for me.

"Dan memang la susah nak dapat kerja,dah result kau macam haram and time interview kau tak nampak bersungguh-sungguh, siape nak hired kan?"

but, I really wish that the upcoming future won't so harsh to me. amin.

Let's pray for all success everyone.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movie Review : Los Dan Faun

Afdlin Shauki really meant what he said about this movie, "Filem Afdlin Paling Sewel". I can only agree to his statement about this movie after watching it last monday.

Most of the character in this movie are weird.Even most of the lawak in this movie are also weird.If you are looking for some movie jokes different from those Senario or Raja Lawak jokes. Well, this is just a movie suitable for you.

"Kalau kamu mahu gelak and relese tensi, memang ini movie terbaik"

and yeah, expect some 'twist' in the end of the story if you know what I mean.

"Aku rasa ini satu2nya cerita melayu yang ada twist tahun ni"

Don't put high hopes on the storyline and don't put expectation on the movie camera works, there's nothing fancy about it.All you need to watch and see is their jokes and their weird character. seriously.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yumecolors Videos 3 : X product

The video has been out for more than 2 month.

still, I want to promote it too those who haven't seen it yet.

Obviously Banned Commercial : Product X 3

more information at Yumecolors

Friday, December 05, 2008

Nan Mumtaz

Delicious, terangkat beb. If only the mamak could add some sausage in it.

Restoran Mosin, TTDI, KL, near OU. try it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh no, aku bukan jiwang.

Okay, somehow I notice(again) that I've been tagged by Pingu and Aliya.

Here it goes.

1. 7 ciri wanita idaman anda.

In terms of physical appearance,
  • Alexis Bledel
  • Adriana Lima
  • Jessica Alba
  • Rianti Cartwright
  • Rozita Che Wan
  • Michishige
In terms of Behaviors and attitude,

Semua orang mahukan org yang berperangai sempurna, memahami, ada chemistry dan comel bukan?

2. 7 wanita yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.

Only one. Her ghost. tapi bukan sepanjang hidup. It's the things of the past. :)

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.

Tak pernah keluar, so tak tau. Rasa nak terbang mungkin?

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.
  • Japan
  • All europe
  • The whole world
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • The whole solar system
  • Planet U40
5. 7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.

Oh, itu rahsia :)

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.

Nope, rahsia juger.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Penang 08'

I love the unique building and the delicious food there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My name is Hot, Hot Jambu

I've been tagged(again) by Arthur Hinton, and here it is, please don't puke.

1. Do you think your hot?
Oh yes, no doubt I think I'm hot, don't you think so?

2. Upload your favorite picture of yourself.

3. Why do you think you like that picture?

Because of my muscular looks, my jambu face, with my glowing eyes, along with my shiny heart. Well, most women melts with my tight outfit, which is my 'birthday' outfit to be precise.No wonder they drool over it. Oh yea, don't ever ask about my manhood,If you're a man, I'm afraid you will be sexually threatened.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

Pizza? how does pizza related to my manhood and hotness?

5. The last song you listen to?

YMCA by Village People, I actually felt sexy everytime I heard the songs It shakes me up. Even during the fight with the monsters.

6. What ru doin right now beside this?

You don't want to know.

7. What name would you prefer beside yours?

Hot, Hot Jambu.

8. People i tag(yet again)

I don't tag any people, cuz I'm Hot, Hot jambu.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Camping Di Sg. Gabai

Lost on the road 3 times,Nice waterfall with natural glider, Tiring bbq activity, weird sounds during the night = very fun camping activity.