Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New skins?

I think my blog need a new skins since this old skins started to have a "broken link" on some part, but i have no time to do that now,

final exam is getting near, and I didn't even read one book yet. Is 3.0 pointer possible when I'm still like this? Only time and god will tell~

Friday, April 13, 2007


Okay, today I suppose to go back home after one month and two weeks here at UiTM but i didn't reach home today because suddenly my friend suggesting me to go overnite at his house.

Next, I suppose to be sleeping now because my body is all tired and so 'sayur' right now, but my eyes still refuse to sleep now.

My beloved team,Manchester United suppose to face a very tough match against Roma but they don't as they win the match with a spectacular score 7-1.

I also suppose to go to my last class of the semester today but I don't because I thought the last class was yesterday and today class was cancelled.
And this week holiday suppose to be great and I hope it would be great. :)
ps: the last Sociology class was very memorable, to all my classmate I hope our next sem class would be much better with no problem~. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gile babs la weih~

Ok, I just passed a very frekin tough week of preparing assignments, and after this I need to get through a final exam month, and maybe after that my life would be frekin free!

ps: blurgh~

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ok, today i have a presentation to make and guess whut? i simply come with the idea to make a presentation about manutd legends. Like usual, the presentation was lame and I was the only who like 'syok sendri' I laugh to myself after that. I hope that the lecturer won't be too strict about picking up the topic. If she just let us pick any topic about entertainment, i'm pretty sure there will be a lot of things that is cool to presents about.

The only cool and simple presentation today is from fatin, she presents about her friends cat,It was pretty cool and really humourous too. At least there were something to laugh about on class today.