Wednesday, March 27, 2013


To be favoured,
is not my usual day to day experience.

Even in my closest circle, 
I find myself,
the least fond members by most...

...well, that's what I think..

and that might be true.

I know,
Even though I tend to lose focus on what's going on after 3 minutes.
I'm quite observant on my own way.

but its okay,
because I'm used to it..

and maybe also because,
I kind of... the same thing towards the others too..

Karma, is a bitch.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Frustration and failure cause us to be careful of every steps we made.
last week, I entered a familiar world, a lifestyle whom I left not so long ago.

There's shadows and image everywhere,
replays and mimics things I've done with a person before..
.. and that cause me to be more careful, to not thrown deeper into my own feelings,
only to be left out, under appreciated and again frustrated.

slow and steady, this time.
I'll take my time.

Exploring one by one,
discovering things day by day,
building it, slowly, bricks by bricks.

The shadows will not gone,
it is a valuable lesson.

Steps by steps,
Slowly, carefully..
... forward I go,