Monday, June 30, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yumecolors Videos

It's out!!! enjoy it!!

Obviously Banned commercial : Product X

There's more videos will come out soon! :D

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Iklan Di Myspace.

I wonder who would click that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girl? Hawa? Perempuan?

One day at the bus stand, full of people.

Kawan perempuan X : wei ezul. (using her eyes to inform me there's something on my left)

Me : Kenapa? (pandang2 tepi..trying to see if there's something suspicious)

Kawan perempuan X : ades, takpe2 nanti aku bagitau.

After 5 minutes.

Kawan perempuan X : wei, ko perasan tak girl kt sebelah kau tadi?

Me : girl? yang mane? belang2 hitam dan merah tu?

Kawan perempuan X : ye la, die lame je duduk sebelah kau, asal kau tak buat move?

Me : Move???

I'm sorry, after my friend said that I try to get a look at the girl a few times and she is not bad. It's not that I'm blind to not be aware of the girl standing beside me. It's that, I'm not that kind of guy who would suddenly said "sibuk kan harini?" "baru balik kerja kah?" "dah pukul brape ye?" with the full covered face trying to look charming to an unknown girl whom he just saw 3 seconds ago.

Ok, this beauty would make me start the move

Maybe I'm doing to much thinking or maybe I'm not in the state of needing someone special in my life right now. All I know is, if I happen to meet a girl and I know that she is the one.

I'll go for it, with my full might.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hobbies . Ambition.

Jejaka X : Korg selalu buat ape cuti-cuti ni?

Me : Buat movie, all those related stuff.

Jejaka X : (bernada sinis)Hehe, takde kerja aa korang ni....

Ini Baru takda kerja.

Yes, we have nothing to do this semester break, and again, yes, like normal other people, we don’t work. Not because we are rich, we’re far from rich. I have only RM 15 to survive till next week and with the fuel price rising up, it will not last that long. Thanks to my family who let me work for them, I’ll be waiting for my salary end of this month.

Back to the main intention, we love making movies and we do sacrifice our time making it. We have ideas, and we execute the ideas by working on it. We have ambition, to entertain people with our thought and if we are strong and good enough, we want to change the Malaysian film industry. We have our own inspiration, but we are not following them, we are inspired to do things like them, in our own way. Yes, we are still searching for the right identity in our every work piece, and to find the right identity, we must do projects. From Belacan Films, we change to Yumecolors, and we are improving on every movie we make. Failure would always be on our way, but that can’t stop us from doing this cynically said by Jejaka X “Takda kerja”.

I guess, it’s better to do this “Takda kerja” things then doing no Kerja at all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008



Are you matured enough? or you're thinking that you're already matured?

based on what I've read in wiki :

is a term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstance or environment in an appropriate manner or being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act in serious or non-serious ways."

As you can see, or what I can really see is, there are, a few people who judge on other people maturity based on what they wear and what they like. Especially those 'kami-paling-cool-lah' type of group. They simply judge people who are not like them to be inferior. Some of them even said, "aiseh, bro lu asal layan lagu anime2 ni, grow up man". I don't find hearing 'norm music' as a way to grow up. I found it as a way to 'show' that you're already grow up.

"Maturity is something of personal character, or how one acts in stressful or difficult situations, because then a person's true ability to react to a situation can be seen. Fake social interactions are often misjudged as many people rely on outward appearance to mask inner strengths/weaknesses so as to present a simpler version of oneself to the world."

"Additional ways to judge if a person is mature include rational thinking and logical explanation in solving a problem, and the art of reasoning while debating."

As you can see(again), being matured is judged by how people acts within their group, how they make decision to react and how they execute their move in certain situation. Not by how they fake themselves to join society and how they tend to generalize everyone who is different from them.

For me, every person has their own ways to show their maturity and it's up to them to do every thing that they love the most even though it's sometimes the out-of-norm activity(except things that prohibited by Islam, itu-tak-boleh-aa).

If every people in the world is the same, there would be no Kurt Kobain, Einstein and even Dr. Mahathir.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

coming up!

Will be coming up real soon, still in editing phase.

Sunday, June 08, 2008



Thank god for this third achievement.


Ngganu - Redang Trip.

One week trip, tired, fun, I can't describe through words. Here's a few pictures.

There's more on my fotopages :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Furumusu - experimental.

This is an experimental video we made during the musical week which I've mentioned on the previous post. oh ya, Video ini tidak hebat. just experimental.