Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ZERO shooting started!

After a few months of pre-production process, which includes actors and actress selection, where to shoot,how to make it to be like what we wanted, improved storyline and spends money to buy lighting, finally our new short films is ready to jump into shooting progress.

The script which mostly was made by my friend, Fique who acted as the director this time and Fauzi who will be taking the assistant director role is about the mysterious mask that can change the person personal behaviour. The storyline is very2 good and we will make it cleanly and with no rush this time.The short film would be titled as ZERO and we are planning to make it as a trilogy if this first film is considered as good by many.

I'm as the cinematographer will be responsible to set up shot according of what the director has visioned and make it look pretty real and interesting to look at through the camera.I would be participating into directing role too if those two directors are busy with themselves.(director terjun)

The shooting process only began for 2 days now and there are already 2-4 scene we finished.
Like usual, making a film would lose its harmony if there no problem coming through, but like usual too, we will think of a quick solution to solve it.

Wish us luck. Belacan films.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Messy Artwork.

I've found myself interested on drawing manga after a long time on 'retirement zone'

*click the comic strip for a larger views

Thursday, November 15, 2007

standardize society.

I love to be different,

I wear a simple shirt and usual track suit to play basketball rather than dressing cool and hype here n there,
I let my hair long and un-kemas rather than go to saloon to make some 'japanese,chinese' hairstyle,
I love doing 'behind the scene' progress rather than being on the scene itself,
I chew rather than smoke,
I hear what I want to hear and don't give a damn about people thoughts,

There are people who are spreading their thought that people should dress like their did, and should listen to what they're listening.

There are people who didn't knew that every people on this world is not the same inside, they have different talent, approach and interested to different things.

60% of myself is opposing the standard, and 40% of me, need to take the standard by granted, for self fulfillment purpose.

like Eddie on 'Beck' once said,

"People who are using other people standard are just, not themselves"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Communicating to which you sense.

Communication Brings People Together

Human Communication really does interesting,

It makes you realize that every part of our movement when we talk, decide and respond has its own names. You can also relate the terms with your life, and also analyze behaviour of the person that is close to you.

Seeing some of ur friends interpersonal relationship develops, really makes you wonder how long they would be together and what stage they would be.

And there are already a friends of mine who are already deteriorates when they are still on the half stage of their commitment phase.

Also, remembering how lame am I who dares only to do a passive action rather than initiates an active action when meeting the girl whom I thought was the right one for me long time ago.

Experiencing how different people perception to different people behaviour at my C class, and there are egocentrics everywhere.

And after prefering that the original task-oriented-groups much better and happier during sem1 then sem2 making us to make a splendid decision to choose the new F class to be together again.

It seems that I have to be flexible next sem to join with the new F class full with unknown people.

The semester is over, and I'm not happy.