Saturday, October 06, 2007


Finally, it's over, eh, is it over? am i dreaming? or I've been transfered to the future after being attacked by aliens?

Shit, it is really over, the class for this semester surely over!


that's the right phrase for this semester.

There's a time when I felt that this semester would going to be sucks,
but in the end, everything that happens has its own 'hikmah'. It don't just happens.

Yesterday, was a farewell day to my new class,.

we've been together for this sem, and to be truth, they're not what I thought they're when I first entered the class. They're actually, fun!

but then, yesterday someone gave the news informed that the class will be re-shuffle next semester.


ps: whatever it is, hope that miracle happens and DMC1D suddenly together...again.

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Lina Halim said...

wtf. another reshuffling?
then again, it's good to be in new classes and meet new people but yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah it gets hard lah, when you have to do the whole re-introduction thing again and again.