Monday, October 22, 2007

Open House.

My parents suddenly decide to open our house to public(short form = open house) last Saturday. Like last2 year, I'll take my phone and message some people whom i know and ask them to come to my house. Most of them couldn't come due to distance problem and also some have to go to their exam. But I didn't mind that, because during the open house, they were lot-lot-lot of people 'majority of them is my sister friends' come to my house at one time.I don't know my sisters have that many friends, and most of it is .. male.
"Adik aku ni jenis gatal kot. .. gosh."

Lucky I ask my friend to come at 4pm, they manage to eat and sit well inside of my house before they need to sit outside to give room to others who come after them. Mom is the busiest person that day, I think if she need to go out for 1 hour, me,father,and other brothers will be 'gile kelamkabut' because mom is our 'commander' from the kitchen if something happens. haha.

The open house ended at 11pm and I appreciate people who manage to come to my house. Thousand Of thanks to them!

For those who's still hasn't come to my house~ datang la raye wei! kuih raye x abis lagi. :p

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