Friday, December 19, 2008


Have you ever been in this situation?

From two days ago,you are waiting for your result, and somehow today, you want to go the cinema to release your tense because the university is always making the 'mesyuarat-senat-result-belum-keluar-lagi-delay-delay-thing'. You're confident that your financial status are still quite fine that you think you will be able to go to the cinema without any money problem at all.

And then, just like any other normal person, you go to the ATM(Auto Teller Machine) nearby to do the very normal 'cucuk-cucuk duit' process which enable you to use your money for 'going-to-cinema-and-release-stress' sake. You check your balance, oh, it's RM 39.40. A very good amount to spend because you will be getting your loan soon. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Just like any other normal people,the money will come out from the machine after they do the process, but unlucky for you, the ATM suddenly said 'oh talian tergendala, sila cuba lagi ya?'. You're a patient man, and rational too. Without any cursing or whatever thing, you go to the other ATM machine to the same process and yet, the ATM kept saying 'talian tergendala'. Yes, you are a very patient man, and don't react easily to this nonsense problem.

Full of hope, you go to the other place which contains those ATM. Again, you try your luck, hoping the same problem will never occur. Yes, the same problem don't occur, but somehow, you feel weird that, when you check the balance.

Baki Anda : RM 8.40

Will you still be patient after that?

Dah la aku tak keluar lagi RM 30 tu! Dah la tengah sengkek, Dah la tengah tensi pasal nak tunggu result.Menda camni pulak boleh jadi!!!

After a few minutes of self-babbling about where the hell does the money go. My friend suddenly willing to 'blanje' me for cinema and yeah, thanks to god for giving me a good exam result after the horrible incidents.It's a very huge relief for me. Yes, congratulation to those who improve and maintain their good achievement.

May a bright future shine upon us. Amin.

ps : still. mane duit tu pegi????????????


DicKiE aDaMs said...

congrats!!! dl la ni kan? bpe dpt kali ni?

neway.. duit tu maybe masuk kat unit bendahari uitm mlaka.. sagu hati untuk senat yg subuk meeting..

tetibe! haha

Anonymous said...

weh i've been in this situation before!! time tu kat uitm. bank islam la, ptptn kan. patutnya ada like dalam rm80 tau. then satu haritu aku pegi nak kluarkan duit kan, terus baki rm0.00 weh!!! stress ke tak??

btw congratulations ezul :D

akiss said...

hehe. saba je kan. tapasti ke mana duit tu. haih.

btw congrats, jom kuar akak banje movie lg, mau ka?

*seb baik xtgk cicakman. supi kate mcm bodo

e-zul Iswhat said...

dickie - alhamdullilah. 3.83. :)

farah - harusla stress, lebih2 kalau duit tengah takde. nasib baik tak keluar rm 200 ke ape. kalau tak koma kat situ jugak la kot.

akiss - boleh je kalau nk blanje. anytime. hehe.

Aliya Azmi said...

loh. gila pelik!

gi tanya bank la segera!

bleh plak 8.40rm.
ajaib betol.

F. Adams said...


sanem dl lagik.

blanje sate plsssssssssssssss.