Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aku Suka Main-Main Kalau Kene Tag pt 1

I've been tagged by Nadhirah Samuel. And here it goes.

1. Sesiapa yang kena tag, 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang men'tag' dia.

. Her name is Nadhirah Samuel .
· Most of fer friend call me nadh or nadhsamuel or nadhirah.
· She was born on 31 December 1989.
· She's from Kota Bharu and had been growing up seven and half years out from Kelantan.
. Her style is very conservative.
· She hate movie and TV show as well.
· She I love cooking to death. I love to write.
. She travels a lot.
. She has been to Japan
. She's Teddy Addict.
. Oh ya, saya jeles gila dengan dia sebab travel a lot

2. Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 tentang dirinya.

. He copied 60% of the Nadhirah Samuel "Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 tentang dirinya"
. He is never serious with the taggie things.
. For once he thinks he can fly.
. Because of that, he almost lost his nose after an attempt to fly to the sky.
. He don't know what to write about himself more.
. Oh ya, he forgot the basic.
. Just call him Izzul.
. He is 20 years old.
. Studies at UiTM
. Oh ya, he have a problems with the grammar. ignore it.


F. Adams said...

sanem malas men teg teg aki teg~

nadhsamuel said...

thanks dude~ :)