Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Review : Cicakman

Despite all the hype and the good promotion given. Cicakman is indeed a frustrating sequel.

The storyline is slow and boring. Yusry tries to give the story a more serious approach than the prequel movie, but still, it lacks of 'punch' and attraction to 'wake' the audience so that they hold still and take attention to the movie till the end.

Somehow, I prefer more relaxed and comedy approach on the movie since Cicakman itself is not a strong superhero to be precise. Just like the prequel.

The only thing worth seeing is the CGI and the fighting scene. Yusry really use his CGI team to the limit this time by implementing the animation into most action scene.

Expect more action in the movie. Yes, more fighting action and this time with an indonese villain, Rama. Although there are some flaw during the fight(Bole detect yang time diorg tengah lawan tu CGI) you still can enjoy it and experience the improvement of Malaysian CGI.

Support Malaysian film who are willing to take risk to give the best. Bukan mereka yang mahu buat film cinta tak berkualiti saja.

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hans said...

haih..asal diorang kata bosan..aku tak tgok lagi..xder geng..tengah pujuk member2 aku gi tgok HISTERIA..hahaha